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  • Lakeview Montessori School


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    Lakeview Montessori School

    Founding year: 1978
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Ms. Maureen Harris (Head)
    Number of staff: 0

    We want to extend a warm welcome to each of you. At Lakeview Montessori School, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals on our Executive Board looking out for our school's best interest. Our faculty consists of experienced and energetic teachers who create individualized programming for our children. Their insights and high level of integrity assure that each student receives an enriched experience. As I walk through the hallways, I can feel the levels of energy and positivity here at Lakeview.
    Lakeview's presence in the city is now even more noticeable. Having celebrated our 40th year in education, Lakeview expanded its campus as well as our students' young minds. A new multipurpose facility was added to accommodate fitness, music, art, robotics, a wellness center, a healing garden, and other students' programs. Modern learning is hands-on and dynamic, and our students are trained to become out of the box thinkers. As such, when a faculty member has a brilliant idea, we can run with it. By making smart, timely decisions, we meet our goal to respond to each student's needs and remain ahead of the game.
    In addition to upgrading every facet of the school to the highest standards, we have also been recognized with accreditation by the Canadian Accreditation of Independent Schools and the Canadian Council for Montessori Administrators. It is an honor and a testament to all of our hard work to hold both national accreditations. Lakeview's Montessori Teacher Education Program is also internationally accredited and attracts trainee teachers from all world areas.
    As your Head of School, I look forward to getting to know each family individually. My experience as an educator has allowed me to thoroughly appreciate Lakeview as a leader in 21st Century learning. Our approach and attention to detail are invaluable to our families.
    Maria Montessori (1870-1952) founded the innovative method of educating children on the beliefs that children should be given autonomy and self-direct. She was a forward-thinker and embraced new and innovative ways of teaching. The founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin attribute their success to their Montessori education because they learned to be self-directed and self-starters. They said that their Montessori education allowed them to learn to think for themselves and gave them the freedom to pursue their interests.
    At Lakeview, we believe in pushing the boundaries. We believe in thinking differently. We push the limits by making learning fun, specific to each student, personalized to one's strengths, and incredibly engaging. Parents' most significant challenges in deciding on their child's education are the high student to teacher ratios or the lack of attention to one child's specific learning style. The world-class education offered at Lakeview answers these concerns and is a natural choice for parents working to ensure their child's future success.
    Educating your child is a very delicate process and is extremely important to us. Lakeview is fortunate to have a faculty of committed and experienced teachers who create individualized programming for our children and continuously inspire their love of learning in a warm and nurturing environment. Our class sizes are small, and we offer an exceptional child-teacher ratio.
    The Montessori philosophy of learning is based on respect for the child, respect for the environment, and respect for each child's learning styles. This unconventional thinking offers an "outside the box" learning environment with extensive training in all curriculum areas. Lakeview has implemented a Curriculum Plan to ensure that our Directors and directors cover the Montessori Curriculum and the Ontario Curriculum. Lakeview offers standardized testing (CCAT) to further insights into our efforts as educators and our students' success in class.
    Parents will receive one progress report (mid-November), and report cards in February, and a student-led conference at the end of June evaluating and assessing their child's progress to that point. Parent/teacher interviews follow the mid-year report card (February) and are available upon request throughout the school year.
    The Going-Out program is a fundamental cornerstone of Montessori Education. The students go out to understand the world they live in through their own experiences and perspectives. In groups of two to four, they go out into the world and explore what they cannot explore in the class, whether it be to interview an artist for a research project they are working on or to glean insight about culture in its natural environment. Montessori education is about preparing the student for his/her entire life – going-out is a crucial component for the child to find where he/she fits into society, and he/she needs to be prepared to take his/her place within it.
    There are five Great Lessons – each one meant to captivate and set the student's imagination on fire with the thirst of wanting to know more. The first Great Lesson, The Creation Story, gives the child the grandest picture of his world's creation and the laws that govern said world. The second lesson, The Coming of Life, describes how both plant and animal life developed on Earth by introducing a unique creation appearing at the end. The third Great Lesson, The Coming of the Human Being, describes how special and unique human beings are and why we need to treasure each person. The fourth and fifth Great Lessons – Communication in Signs and The Story of Numbers introduce the child to the history of the English language and of Mathematics.






    Address: Lakeview Montessori School, 13797 Riverside Drive Tecumseh, Alberta, N8N 1B5, Canada

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