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    La Citadelle International Academy

    Founding year: 2000
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    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Alfred Abouchar (Headmaster)
    Number of staff: 0

    At La Citadelle, we believe that all children are unique and that they all have hidden talents and an enormous potential to achieve. Our duty and responsibility are to tap into these capabilities and talents and provide them with a serious and structured program that they will want to follow with enthusiasm and determination. Our vision is to create a school where children are happy and excited to learn and achieve.
    La Citadelle International Academy of Arts & Science provides an international education for students of all origins and fosters a lively and stimulating atmosphere of learning in its community. La Citadelle seeks to educate the whole person, foster technological proficiency and lay the foundations for lifelong learning. The faculty sets standards of excellence and integrity in academic and co-curricular areas and prepares students to meet university education rigor. Students are challenged to do their best in all areas and are asked to reach further.
    At La Citadelle, we seek to nurture in children the qualities of respect for self and others and cultivate their desire to serve the community. Students are encouraged to: take responsibility for their thoughts, words, and deeds to act with honor and purpose and make a difference in the complex global society they have inherited. At La Citadelle, we nurture a cooperative community of learning, where we challenge our students to build within themselves the foundations for lifelong learning. With coaching and encouragement, we seek to empower them to become contributors to the global society.
    La Citadelle opened its doors with five students in the basement of a church in Richmond Hill in 2000 and relocated the year after to the Mallow site with only nine students. The years that followed saw a rapid expansion of the school infrastructure and a steady annual increase in its student population. La Citadelle, presently offering advanced international academic programs from Preparatory Kindergarten to Grade 12 in a new site on Scarsdale Road in North York, is proud of its path, accomplishments, and, most importantly, its students' education and high level of academic achievement.
    This exceptional school's creation is the story of many remarkable people getting together and sharing their expertise and experiences. Transcending the simplicity of its beginning to reach its present structural maturity, La Citadelle never lost its ingenuousness, its integrity, and its human touch. Life at La Citadelle has always been full of laughter and excitement. Visitors have invariably been fascinated by the "joie de vivre" of its students and the level of care, affection, and respect they have towards their teachers and for each other.
    The university-bound academic curriculum-curriculum at the Secondary Panel strives to create a well-rounded learner by promoting a well-balanced integrated pedagogy in the fields of Arts, Sciences, and Information Technology. Built upon the foundations of the provincial Ministry of Education Guidelines in conjunction with the requirements of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB-MYP) in Levels I & II and those of the Advanced Placement (AP) at the Levels III & IV, La Citadelle secondary school curriculum is supported by a wide range of services, resources, and technologies specifically put in place to allow the senior students to achieve mastery learning and a high academic standing leading to their indubitable acceptance in the most prominent universities in Canada and around the world.
    At La Citadelle, courses at the secondary level provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to meet university study entrance requirements. Emphasizing the course content's theoretical aspects with supporting applications, our academic curriculum courses focus on the development of independent research skills and independent learning skills. Canadian Universities require successful completion of these courses. The enriched academic nature of our program provides La Citadelle students seeking to apply abroad (such as in Europe or the United States) with necessary equivalency requirements.
    The Curriculum at the Elementary Panel builds upon the necessary skills introduced in the previous years and follows a similar structure. The program develops the child's ability to acquire information, form ideas, think independently, and relate various areas of study to one another. Students learn to develop a balance between competition and cooperation and are encouraged to accept personal responsibility for their studies.
    In the Kindergarten Panel, La Citadelle aims to instill in children a curiosity for learning as they develop their skills and talents. They work in a supportive yet stimulating environment that is responsive to individual needs and differences. Although children follow an intensive curriculum in French at that level, language, culture, and necessary learning skills are emphasized. The early stages' methodology is based on concrete pedagogy and is gradually phased out at the early elementary level.
    The curriculum program at the Kindergarten Panel is structured in such a manner as to integrate all subject matters and to foster accelerated mastery learning and a high level of achievement. Although the classroom environment is informal at the Kindergarten Levels, the curriculum is structured and has apparent objectives.






    Address: La Citadelle International Academy, 36 Scarsdale Road North York, Ontario, M3B 2R7, Canada

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