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  • Hawar International School


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    Hawar International School

    Founding year: 2001
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Bilal Okasha (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    As an international school located in Bahrain, we aim to provide a safe, inclusive, and caring environment where young people can learn to live and work together in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect. We encourage each student to play an active role in school life, both in and out of the classroom.
    We are proud of our school and the achievements of our school community members, but we are not complacent. We seek to continuously improve our facilities' quality and the educational programs we offer to serve our students' learning and personal development.
    We aim to be an inclusive community of self-motivated and reflective learners with high expectations and standards. We are achievement-focused. We encourage each child and adult within our community to reach their personal best, both academically and in all aspects of their lives, and develop a lifelong love of inquiry and learning. We provide our students with close academic monitoring and supportive pastoral care. We take a whole-child approach, focusing on balance and a healthy lifestyle, and we encourage the constructive and positive contribution and support of parents.
    Our mission is to provide all our students with a high-quality education and skills that will equip them to thrive in their future lives, wherever that may be. We respect all community members as individuals and offer them equal opportunities to develop to their full potential. It is also important to us that our students respect people of all cultures and creeds and leave us confident and prepared to take their place in the world as ethical and environmentally responsible global citizens and leaders. Hawar International School provides bilingual education from KG to Grade 12 in a learner-friendly environment while preserving our cultural heritage, Islamic and National values. We provide education and facilities for children with special learning needs and help them overcome their significant difficulties.
    Hawar International School was established in 2001 and had less than seventy-five students. We started with kindergarten through to the third grade of elementary school. Today we have a population of nearly 1000 students with our first graduating cohort from high school in the academic year of 2010.
    The school's location was selected to establish the school by studying the development of the region and where a lack of specific educational services or where educational services were limited by what was offered from the public schools. The goal was to offer this unique service to integrate our education system in which the country's government ensures to provide integrated educational services in all parts of the Kingdom.
    We were well placed to be the first school in the Kingdom of Bahrain, offering students special needs services from learning and physical difficulties and underachieving in schools that did not have any attention or appropriate services. In addition to that, we offered excellent services for mainstream and talented students, and the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of Bahrain welcomed our school philosophy and provided all possible moral support to implement the project. The proposed ratio for special education students was twenty percent of the school's total number.
    Despite the small space allocated to the school, we put in mind that this was an advantage in enabling us to work as a family in a quiet atmosphere committed to the values and Islamic provisions of Bahrain's traditions. Customs and trends prevailing in the community meant that we chose separation between boys and girls and the allocation of separate classes for boys and girls, starting from the first grade in elementary until high school.
    With the first experience for integrating students with special needs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we faced the problem of lacking the previous reference in the Kingdom of Bahrain for this unique experience. However, we were very enthusiastic about turning this to success and worked hard to select specialist staff with considerable experience in this area and achieved a rapid spread and good results as we have developed the expertise of the staff of outstanding qualified teachers to work with students of all categories and group ages, along with a good selection of the curriculum which was approved.
    Since the first day, the school made sure to provide a sophisticated and distinctive education in Arabic and English with French as a complementary language, using an international world curriculum that now includes Chinese Mandarin and maintaining the limited number of students in classrooms. Hence, every student gets enough attention from the teacher and sufficient time to use the school's resources and facilities.
    The school follows the American curriculum based on the Virginia State standards of education for all English subjects. For Arabic subjects, the school follows the standards set by the Bahrain Ministry of Education.

    Address: Hawar International School, Building 22, Road 42, Block 910 Riffa, BH, 38338, Bahrain

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