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  • The School of Total Education


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    The School of Total Education

    Founding year: 1977
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Shane Power (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    The School of Total Education today results from the effort and sacrifice of hundreds of people over nearly 40 years. Teachers and parents and a broader community of supporters are inspired by the vision of creating a working example of an educational system that addresses the outer development and the inner development of the child. One in which spiritual and emotional growth would share equal importance with physical and intellectual development. This was the vision of the School’s founder, Vijayadev Yogendra.
    The School first opened in Melbourne in 1977, but its roots go back further. Please read about the School’s beginnings and how it has developed over more than 30 years. In addition to state and federal government curriculums, the School offers a range of distinctive curriculum elements based on the Total Education program. Today SOTE has a mix of teachers, some long-standing and others who are relative newcomers. All share an enthusiasm for the School’s ideas and putting them into practice.
    The School of Total Education invites parents, teachers, and children to be part of a living and evolving community in which they all play a vital role. Building such a community starts with recognizing that the School is not just a random collection of people, students, teachers, and parents. A community requires a level of cohesion, a sense of shared values, open communication, and a level of positive interdependence. The School aims to build this kind of community for the benefit of the children and the teachers and parents.
    At SOTE, we try to make learning fun and engage the children’s interest by using various teaching and learning styles. We strive to help all children become proficient at the critical skills required for academic learning. This is facilitated by small class sizes and the cultivation of a positive teacher-student relationship.
    The School’s academic curriculum is consistent with Queensland Government and Commonwealth Government requirements, and students participate in the Grade 3, 5, 7, and Year 9 NAPLAN Tests. The School offers the following subjects at Year 11 and 12 levels: English, French, German, Ancient History, Modern History, Geography, Study of Society, Mathematics A, Mathematics B, Mathematics C, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Visual Art, Music, Drama, Film, TV & New Media. All subjects are accredited with the Queensland Studies Authority. Students graduate with a Queensland Certificate of Education, and nearly all students are eligible for Tertiary Entrance.


    Address: The School of Total Education, 2 Freestone Road Warwick, Queensland, QLD 4370, Australia

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