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  • St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls


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    St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls

    Founding year: 1896
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Girls
    Leadership: Ms. Fiona Johnston (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    St Hilda's has been educating girls for more than a century. The original school was established in 1896 in a private house in Claremont, then known as the Girl's High School (GHS). Since then, it has grown and evolved and is now ranked amongst Australia's pre-eminent independent schools for girls. Today, St Hilda's has over 1200 students, including boys in the Early Learning Centre, and 150 boarders. Christ Church Grammar School for boys is located near Claremont, on the same site as the original GHS building and our brother school.

    St Hilda's is set across two beautiful campuses in Mosman Park, one at Chidley Point for students from Junior Kindergarten through to Year 6, and the second is on Bay View Terrace, accommodating the Senior School and Boarding House.

    St Hilda's is proud of an enviable academic record, which results from hard work by its students and dedicated teaching staff. Besides academic excellence, St Hilda's also offers every student an education in strong traditional values of excellence, respect, inclusion, and justice. The foundation of the school's ethos is to prepare each student to be 'future-ready' in an ever-changing world.

    St Hilda's School aims to equip each girl to take her place in life, meet the challenges she will inevitably face, and make her unique mark on the world. We hope that all our students will also carry beautiful memories of school years and their friendships throughout their lives. School days should, after all, be fun days too.

    To provide a vibrant school community that educates and inspires girls for life.

    Preparing girls for the future by developing tenacity, confidence, and compassion.

    Excellence: We encourage the pursuit of personal best in all areas and respect the achievements of others. We have a lifelong commitment to the quest for knowledge.

    Respect: We value sensitivity and concern for the well being of others. This means being caring, compassionate, and honest. We learn in a safe and supportive school environment while respecting our natural environment and cultural heritage.

    Inclusion: We acknowledge that we are a diverse community and must have regard for the feelings, wishes, and rights of others in everything we do. We value the diversity of cultural expression.

    Justice – We are committed to participation and citizenship. We promote democratic processes and social justice. We believe in fairness and equity for the achievement of a just, responsible society.

    As a leading educational institution, St Hilda's is continually reviewing the requirement to upgrade and develop our facilities. Our school community's generosity has enabled us to undergo dramatic transformations in recent years in the development of our campuses and to invest in high tech buildings with state-of-the-art facilities.

    St Hilda's is more than a school. It is a community and a way of life. Parents are actively encouraged to be part of their girls' education with a thriving Parents' and Friends' Association (P&F), volunteer year representatives, support associations for Sport, Drama, Music and the Library, and numerous other volunteer opportunities. Many parents continue to remain part of the school community on their daughter's graduation through the Whitby Association Parents' Group.

    The Old Scholar's Association (OSA) actively encourages networking opportunities with student mentoring sessions from many professional and vocational industries. The Association also fosters the tight-knit community of dynamic St Hila's women through reunions, publications, and many fantastic events throughout the year.

    St Hilda's has been educating girls to strive for excellence since 1896. Our teaching staff understands girls and how they learn, develop, and communicate. All programs throughout the school have been specifically designed to help our girls achieve their very best. This is demonstrated with a consistently high standard of academic results and a wide variety of achievements in co-curricular activities.

    The benefits of choosing single-sex girls' education are thoroughly researched.

    "Girls benefit from single-sex environments where there are no expectations that they should fulfill traditional gender stereotypes in the subjects they study, the activities they participate in, or the careers they pursue. Girls attending girls' schools are more confident and assertive in single-sex environments. Research demonstrates that girls feel empowered to behave in more competitive ways without the presence of boys. Girls in girls' schools are free to pursue academic excellence in any area they choose, including in the 'gender atypical' areas of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). Statistics show that girls from girls' schools are more likely to study STEM at school and pursue university studies and careers in STEM fields." (Source: Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia).

    At St Hilda's, all our leaders are girls and young women who encourage each other to excel in all areas of school life. The curricular and extensive co-curricular programs at St Hilda's extend our girl's minds and potential well beyond the classroom and into the world around them.

    A St Hilda's education teaches our girls that the possibilities are endless and that creativity and uniqueness are necessary to greatness. This lesson is taught in all areas of the school. Principal Fiona Johnston states that "Our girls value personal excellence and recognize that excellence is never an accident but the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. They have the vision to see obstacles as opportunities and appreciate that every great accomplishment is the result of a thousand small steps."

    As a proud member of The Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia, further research on why choosing a girls' school is beneficial can be found on their website.

    AGSA created a video exploring why girls love going to girls' schools, featuring 2017 St Hilda's graduate Grace Chow.





    Address: St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, BAY VIEW TERRACE MOSMAN PARK, Western Australia, 6012, Australia

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