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  • Southside Montessori School


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    Southside Montessori School

    Founding year: 1979
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: UNKNOWN
    Number of staff: 0

    Founded in 1979, Southside Montessori is an Australian Independent Pre and Primary School that teaches in the Montessori Philosophy tradition. Southside Montessori School's mission is to nurture the whole child, within the Montessori Philosophy, to become an independent, educated, and socially responsible individual.
    We are committed to Montessori Education, evolved from the original work of Dr. Maria Montessori. We acknowledge her belief that there is a close relationship between movement and cognition. That the best learning is active, and that order and beauty are beneficial for learning and growth. Our Values
    Inspire and enrich the child to grow into confident, happy, and purposeful contributors to a global world view each child as an individual learner Provide a carefully prepared learning environment that nurtures the developmental needs of each child Support the development of a love of learning through active participation, self-discovery and exploration Embrace the culturally diverse backgrounds of our community and foster a community that embraces tolerance and cooperation.
    Suppose we consider the incredible power and technical perfection of armaments, which people trust to protect them in war. In that case, we are forced to conclude that education will not become an armament capable of ensuring the security and progress of the world's peoples until it has attained the same level of excellence and scientific development. We are merely saying that the proper defense of humanity cannot be based on arms. Wars will always follow up on the other, and no people's grace and prosperity can ever be assured until we trust in the great 'armament for peace' that education represents.
    Dr. Maria Montessori adopts the Absorbent Mind to describe a distinct development process observable in a young child between birth and six years of age. Montessori's theory of the Absorbent Mind describes how a young child's brain unselectively takes in information from the environment.
    It characterizes the period of development where there is the limitless capacity for learning - when the complex neural pathways and connections required for later intellectual and psychological development are being formed. Montessori used the terms absorbent and minded very specifically to describe this process. Absorbent - to portray the child's active, undiscriminating means of receiving information - like a sponge absorbing all liquid surrounding it.
    Mind - to distinguish this learning process from that of the brain's physical development. The theory identifies the absorbent mind as having two defining characteristics. A non-discriminatory nature and a temporary presence in the process of human development
    The most observable characteristic of a child's Absorbent Mind is its unique capacity to take in new information totality and without discrimination. Like a sponge, the minds of young children can absorb all the information from their surroundings. Unlike a sponge, however, their minds never reach a point of saturation. All information experienced through one or more of the senses is collected without filtering.





    Address: Southside Montessori School, 35 Lilian Road, Riverwood, New South Wales, NSW �2210, Australia

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