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  • Saint Philomena School


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    Saint Philomena School

    Founding year: 1999
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 159
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Fr Karl Pepping (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    St Philomena's is an independent traditional Catholic School in Brisbane, Queensland, run by the Fathers of the Society of St Pius X. Our School is unique. From the earliest age, we seek to give a classical education to our children. Of all educational methods, the classical curriculum seems to be the most tried and true. It includes learning Latin, classical studies in Ancient Greek and Roman history, and Logic's study. Only literary classics are studied in class, and French is also taught in the upper grades. Our academic results are reflected by the school website, rating St Philomena School the best in the local area and one of Queensland's best schools.

    Of at least equal importance to us is the study of the traditional Catholic Faith, including studies of the catechism, Sacred Scriptures and Church history, the saints' lives, prayer, and the liturgy. The school's motto was Sine Deo Nihil(nothing without God); both study and practice of Catholicism is the focal point of the school. The school day begins and ends with prayers. The children attend a weekly school Mass they conclude each week in the school chapel with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

    We see the type of education we wish to impart upon our children as the best means to prepare them for life after St Philomena's: in high school and beyond. Excellence in every endeavor undertaken is encouraged, and children formed at our school may be confident that their character and academic training will prepare them to meet future challenges.

    One of the great features of St. Philomena School is the support afforded by the broader School community. We have a great partnership with our parents and mutually support one another in forming their children. A very tangible sign of this partnership is that the Parents and Friends Association annually raises some $50,000!

    To provide excellence in Catholic and classical education, for the love of God and learning. At St. Philomena School, we value education for education's sake and not merely as a means to something else. Proper education includes so much more than mere knowledge and includes the formation of a child's character.

    That is why we have high standards in behavior, manners, and courtesy. In many ways, our education philosophy might be termed "old school," yet at the same time, modern methods and technologies are employed to the degree that they are useful. Nevertheless, St Philomena's is not about technologies and innovative methods. It is about the children. It is about the development of their personalities in such a way as to make full use of the various gifts God has given them and to share these talents later for the betterment of society.

    The school motto, Sine Deo Nihil, sums up all that we are striving to achieve, i.e., to form Catholics who, when they leave school, will know their faith, practice their faith, and, most importantly, have been helped to acquire a love of God and a deep desire to serve Him. We aim to produce young men and women who will leave this school balanced and well adjusted, ready to go out and make the best contribution to society that they are able.

    The essential part of education is the formation of character. Someone who has character lives by principles. They are responsible. They fulfill their duty with proper diligence. They have a good work ethic. They dare to refuse to go along with what they know to be wrong while standing up for what they know is right. They choose the good they reject the bad.

    This school strives to be an environment where your children can be nurtured and directed to grow into mature and responsible adults, healthy in the Catholic Faith. The goal is not to form men and women without any ambition to use their talents to further good, but who will instead work to build up the reign of Our Lord around them.

    Living the Catholic Faith correctly implies striving for excellence. Ideally, we use our God-given talents to give back to Him the best of which we are capable of. This is the expectation of students at St. Philomena School. St Philomena's classical education curriculum plays a vital role in forming the character of our students. Through the study of Latin, Logic, Rhetoric, Literature, and History, students need to practice self-discipline and diligence to learn and master them. They also develop their memory and their abilities to analyze and express themselves.

    A classical education means that students at St. Philomena School are exposed to the wisdom gained and passed on over the ages. By studying classical literature, they consider examples of what is right, what is real, and what is beautiful presented in well-written language. By studying history, especially the Romans and Greeks' ancient histories, our students learn to understand and appreciate Western civilization. St Philomena School's vision is quite clear: to allow every child to know their Catholic faith and have the strength to live it. May St Philomena protect and bless our work!






    Address: Saint Philomena School, 61 Koplick Road, Park Ridge, Queensland, QLD 4125, Australia

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