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  • Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges Albury


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    Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges Albury

    Founding year: 2009
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 152
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Luke Burton (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Saint Mary MacKillop College Albury is an independent school with a genuinely Catholic ethos. The School motto is Verum, Pulchrum, et Bonum (Truth, Beauty, and Goodness). Catholics believe that we live in a universe created by a loving God. Everything in the cosmos bears the stamp of the Creator – it is right, beautiful, and useful. Education is about encouraging our students to develop by seeking out the truth, beauty, and goodness. This will point them, ultimately, towards the God who created them. The school was founded in 2009 and catered for years Kinder to Year 12. While the school is independent of the Catholic Diocese of Wagga Wagga, it has a strong Catholic ethos with a religious education based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church and an emphasis on the lives of the saints as role models.

    This school has as its foundation Christ and His Revelation. Its entire motivation and final goal are to be found in the principles of the Gospel. A right school is one ordered for the authentic good of human persons. Each of our Catholic school students must be seen as a candidate for Heaven. Indeed, each must be seen as Christ in need: "Truly I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brethren, you did it to me...

    Our children must feel loved as individual persons. They must be guided in the training of their freedom to seek what is right and good freely. The school must be seen as a Catholic formation place, prayer, and work (including rigorous academic labor and cultural endeavor). This will include a cultural atmosphere in which all the Christian virtues can be developed, and intellectual knowledge personally and deeply imbibed – because although academic excellence is an important and necessary goal of the school, it is not sufficient.

    The school's educational aim is the critical communication of the human culture and the total development of the individual, according to a specifically Christian vision of reality. Here, absolute values, including the absolute value of the individual human person, are conveyed in a life-context, stimulating the pupils to exercise their intelligence and helping them to discern real and positive cultural factors from false and destructive ones, using the teaching of Christ as their yardstick. We aim:

    • To provide pupils with the norms and procedures for rational thought.
    • To present them with the truth and with the methods they may use to arrive at and justify it.
    • To teach them the critical skills needed for prudent judgment.
    • To help them to know the teaching of the Gospel and to build it into their lives.
    • To teach them the Christian way of life using Christ's life as their model.
    • To discern in the universe the God whom it reveals and take from the world around them all that is good and compatible with Christianity.

    The specific role of the school is the Christian formation of its students. It exists to help them take on the lifelong personal conversion that Christian life entails, encourage them to give themselves to God in prayer and reception of the Sacraments, and overcome selfish individualism and grow in all the virtues. They help discover their specific vocation as how they will do God's Will and reach human fulfillment. This role is accomplished by an integration of Faith and Life, which involves:

    • The systematic and coherent teaching of the truths of Catholic doctrine.
    • Instruction in the principles and doctrines of Christian morality.
    • A particular emphasis on the three theological virtues and the four cardinal virtues.
    • Recognition and evaluation of the spiritual implications to be found in day-to-day situations.
    • Class and school prayer – primarily liturgical prayer.
    • Opportunities for spiritual reading and silent, personal prayer, including Eucharistic adoration.
    • Studies of the writings and lives of the saints.

    We aim to help our students to realize that they are called to be living witnesses and apostles, and we give them opportunities to share their faith with others in the broader community and to giving service to the needy.

    Address: Saint Mary MacKillop Colleges Albury, 197 Urana ST, Jindera, New South Wales, NSW 2642, Australia

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