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  • Covenant Christian School


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    Covenant Christian School

    Founding year: 1965
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Bill Rusin (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    The founders of Covenant Christian School Belrose on Sydney's Northern Beaches wanted an education for their children, which was clearly and explicitly Christian in perspective.
    We owe these Godly, dedicated, passionate, generous, and hard-working Christians our gratitude for their vision and wisdom. The founding parents' initial vision is still healthy and vibrant and continues to be the driving mission of the school. Covenant has grown in student numbers and has been blessed with beautiful facilities and resources.
    Enjoy listening to some of our founders in these videos. Click on each video to open on a larger screen. It is good to remember and celebrate God's faithfulness.
    Covenant is a vibrant Christian community with many exciting things happening around the school. As a Principal, I have the privilege of observing how different parts of the school operate. The staff meets in the mornings to encourage and pray for each other, and it is great to see that staff also pray for the children in their care.
    As a Christian school, we ought to approach the task of educating children with deliberate intention. Because the school has a clear vision to honor Christ in all its practices and activities, it is a school that must and does employ only Christian staff. We recognize the critical role teachers play as role models for your children.
    At Covenant, we seek to teach the children to see and respond to the world as Christians. This is not a nice optional extra but a core reason our school exists. It is not an easy task, but one that is at the heart of our school.
    Covenant works in partnership with our parents to nurture and equip students by proclaiming Christ's sovereignty in all areas of life. This not only results in strong academic performances but in young Christian men and women who see the world through the lens of the Gospel.
    As a parent, I chose to send my children to a Christian school, not because it had better facilities or even more highly qualified teachers, but it sought to teach the whole truth about the world and how we should live in and engage with it. I have met several ex-students who speak of the profound effect that Covenant and similar schools have had on them. If we do our job well by serving the school's parents, our graduates will be more discerning and wise than the current generation, and they will have a more significant impact on the broader community for Christ's sake.






    Address: Covenant Christian School, 212 Forest Way Belrose , New South Wales, NSW 2086, Australia

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