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  • Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney


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    Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney

    Founding year: 1998
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 0
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Mr. Stuart Gilmore (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    Our Vision To bring glory to God by working together as a community providing quality Christian-based education. Our Mission Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney strives for:

    • wisdom, reflecting Christian values in its organization, teaching, and practices, to provide a caring and safe environment
    • knowledge, developing life skills in children, and building strong partnerships with our families
    • excellence, optimizing the capacity of each student to achieve his or her potential in academic, spiritual, moral, personal, and creative spheres

    Our education programs are based on Bible principles and seek to instill in our students the Gospel values of faith and hope in God, and love for one another. Students are encouraged to become confident, active, self-motivated, and to pursue excellence in all areas, both academic and non-academic. Commitment to the truth, sound judgment, and ethical conduct is identified, acknowledged, and celebrated. Personal responsibility, leadership, and initiative foster opportunities for a positive contribution. Respect for God, respect for others, self-respect. Nurturing a caring community, looking out for others, and providing for their needs. Promoting an active involvement in the partnership between home and school to model the strength of teamwork.

    Positive attitudes and work habits are so crucial to academic success. These, along with guidance and support, are essential elements in a child's development. This leads us to accept that 'schooling' is not just covering a set syllabus or completing set tasks. It is more about encouraging students to love learning, to want to improve, and desire to participate in their development.

    Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney is relatively small, enabling the staff to "know" the students - their needs, abilities, and interests. Because of these smaller numbers, financial restraints mean that fewer elective classes can be run. Despite this, the College is committed to allowing students to follow the subjects of their choice through to the H.S.C. level, through external providers if necessary. Heritage also appoints dedicated, capable, and qualified staff to provide high-quality programs in all available school-based subjects.

    Our Learning Support Unit at CHCS aims to provide students with the social, emotional, and academic support that they require to reach their full potential. Learning Support Unit staff work with parents to ensure the continuity of the programs. Admission to the Learning Support Unit is taken on a case-by-case basis and is contingent upon the ability to match student needs with the level of service that is available at the time. There may be students for whom we are unable to provide the required services.

    The Learning Support Unit Provides services that include assessment, academic support, writing, and implementing programs, assisting classroom teachers in modifying instructional strategies and content as well as withdrawal of students for individual or group intervention.

    Learning Support staff liaise with classroom teachers and may, from time to time, recommend outside professionals to provide therapy to the student, such as Speech Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, Occupational Therapists, and Paediatricians.

    Students who have been identified as requiring extra support with literacy will be assisted by Learning Support staff to ensure that the required intervention is established. This may take the form of extra time, colored paper, assistive technology, or a reader/writer for examinations, etc. The Learning Support Unit also co-ordinates applications for Special Provisions in NAPLAN and Higher School examinations via DET or Board of Studies on behalf of the student.

    Students arriving at CHCS from a N.E.S.B. (Non-English speaking background) who have been to an I.E.C. (Intensive English Centre) and are placed in a mainstream class are eligible for additional support through the E.S.L. Program. Placement is available for Phase 1 and 2 Students. Students are assessed and taken into the program on a case by case situation. Students will receive withdrawal support, in-class team teaching, task modification assistance, and homework support. The program is organized into three strands: • Oral interaction (listening and speaking) • Reading and Responding • Writing Students that participate receive weekly homework activities that they are to complete out of class time. Assessment is based on the E.S.L. scales and is reported on twice-yearly during typical reporting times.






    Address: Christadelphian Heritage College Sydney, 110 Cross St, Kemps Creek, New South Wales, NSW 2178, Australia

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