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  • Chairo Christian School


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    Chairo Christian School

    Founding year: 1983
    Website: Visit Website
    Number of students: 1500
    Genders Accepted: Mixed (Co-education)
    Leadership: Simon Matthews (Principal)
    Number of staff: 0

    The terms Christ-centred education and Christian education are both used to describe the education provided at Chairo. It is an education that's delivered by teachers who possess a biblical worldview and who are therefore able to help students develop a similar worldview of their own. The Bible becomes the lens through which students view what they are learning.

    Christians believe the world belongs to God and that He has a plan for all who live in it. Christian education is not about avoiding the world. Instead, it seeks to engage with the culture and prepare students for lives that reflect, serve, and honor God. It is about acknowledging God in every subject area, indeed, in every area of life.

    Education at Chairo is delivered via a broad range of subjects and experiences. While the Bible is central, we certainly do not ignore human discovery, current scientific understanding, or society's hot topics. We seek to embrace all areas of life by equipping students to be biblically informed, academically rigorous, and critically discerning.

    Christian education seeks to lead students to discover the world that allows them to comprehend the incredible way God made and sustains everything. It encourages them to discover the tremendous potential that each of them has for fulfilled and productive living.

    Fundamental Christian values and principles—including compassion and mercy, concern for integrity and justice, the courage to pursue what is right and resist what is harmful, and commitment to service for the benefit of others—are fundamental to a true Christian or Christ-centred education. Christian schools provide an education that supports and complements parents in encouraging Christian values and character in their children, always seeking to reinforce the training, instruction, and example received in the Christian home.

    Chairo's Mission, Values, and Vision reflect our desire to work in partnership with families and see each student develop capability, character, and commitment. Our Mission To provide excellence in Christ-centred education in partnership with families within a caring Christian community. Our Vision To see Christ's redemptive impact in the world through our students' capability, character, and commitment.

    Chairo Christian School is established on two strong foundations. We believe that:

    • Jesus Christ is Lord over every single part of life, including the education of children and
    • God has given parents the responsibility of nurturing their children, and education is a significant part of that responsibility.

    I am grateful to be part of a passionate team at Chairo that takes these two foundations seriously and strives to honor God and make Him known in all areas of teaching, learning, experience, and endeavor.

    The chair provides an educational experience that is intentionally designed to celebrate diversity, foster individual gifts, and enhance learning while revealing God and His creation. We are committed to valuing each student and discovering their personal qualities while encouraging them to develop the abilities that God has given them.

    We aim to work in close partnership with families to develop students who live with integrity, grow in confidence, and demonstrate a healthy sense of self and others. Our school communities are filled with young people of great character who are equipped to live lives of purpose, contributing positively to the communities they belong to. It is so exciting and rewarding to be part of their journey!

    In New Testament Greek, the word chair means to rejoice! The families who pioneered our school wanted this place to be one where all community members were full of delight and joy. Over thirty years later, we still feel the same way. While we can be thankful for excellent staff, great facilities, and healthy educational outcomes, this is not what families believe exemplifies our school. They value the atmosphere of hope, opportunity, encouragement, and faith-filled lives that students and families experience at Chairo.

    As you explore our website, may you and your family discover more about the life of the Chairo community? We hope that you will discover for yourself how Chairo can enable learning that lasts a lifetime!






    Address: Chairo Christian School, 76 Balfour Rd Drouin, Victoria, VIC 3818, Australia

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