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We undertake ground-breaking research that improves the way people do business. Moreover, we engage with organizations around the world to create real value for society. Since 1989, King’s Business School has grown into a leading management institution – and one of the largest in London. We have appeared in the top 10 for business and management studies three years in a row. We are a friendly, diverse community committed to the highest quality teaching and research. People from over 80 countries come here to study with us, and we are proud of the varied perspectives they bring to our School.
Being in the heart of London, our students and academics have unlimited opportunities for collaboration, research, and developing their career prospects. From bold new startups to multinational conglomerates, businesses inform our teaching and benefit from our work.  Based in the heart of London, our students – both undergraduate and postgraduate – benefit from being in a hub of business, finance, and government. Taught by our renowned faculty, they have the opportunity to explore both theory and practice, with a diverse student community and unlimited networking opportunities. As our students and lecturers talk about what successful business education looks like to them, listen to both sides.
Our vision is to make a difference in business in the service of a global society. Having grown successfully in recent years, King’s Business School became the ninth faculty at King’s College London on 1 August 2017. Located in the iconic Bush House building, the School forms a hub for engagement with business, the City, government, and NGOs. Through the application and impact of its research, and through its education programs that seek to develop purposeful and principled leaders, the School aims to create social and economic value for business and society.
King’s Business School prides itself on its commitment to the highest quality in both its teaching and research and on its friendly atmosphere between staff and students. We are outward facing and international in approach, priding ourselves on the diversity of our staff and students. There are over 90 academics in the School and approximately 40 professional services staff. Under the leadership of Professor Stephen Bach, the School has focused its strategy around three key activities: research education and external engagement.
King’s Business School was previously known as the School of Management & Business and traced its origins back to the 1980s. The School achieved Departmental status in 1994 and was established as the School of Management & Business in 2015. The School is now one of the largest providers of undergraduate management teaching in London. It has a thriving postgraduate community, with over 800 students registered on Masters degrees and a growing number of research students. There are currently around 90 academic members of staff.

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