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Canberra Grammar School


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Established in 1929, Canberra Grammar School is a co-educational Independent Anglican School offering outstanding academic education, co-curricular opportunities, and pastoral care to day and boarding students of all backgrounds and faiths within a community guided by Christian values.
The School respects and nurtures all students as individuals, seeking to inspire, support, and celebrate the efforts of all in realizing their intellectual, spiritual, cultural, social, and physical aspirations. CGS is also the only co-educational boarding school in the ACT. It is an International Baccalaureate World School and is the only School in the ACT to offer the NSW Higher School Certificate.
In a world shaped by globalization, environmental change, and technological advancement, our students will live and study and work in Australia and abroad in ways that we can scarcely imagine. They will collaborate with colleagues across cultures and disciplines to solve problems using tools that we have yet to invent. To flourish, they must have the critical capacity to analyze complex information, the ability to communicate in multiple languages, the adaptive creativity to find solutions, and the integrity to serve others always before self. Our strategic plans and our academic, pastoral, and co-curricular education must support that.
Building on its staff's professional expertise, the commitment of its community, and the resources of the nation's capital, Canberra Grammar School aim to be the most dynamic and distinctive center of learning in Australia.
Welcome to Canberra Grammar School. A website can give only a glimpse of our community, so – whether you are new to the School or already know us – you are warmly invited to visit us in person to see how our boys and girls are learning.
We are blessed at Canberra Grammar School with a large and beautiful campus, exceptional facilities, and excellent teachers. Our history is rich in academic, sporting, and artistic achievement. We are fortunate to be in the heart of Australia's capital, surrounded by the great intellectual, cultural and political institutions of our nation. However, the real indication of a school's quality is not in its environment or its past but how well its students learn to become intelligent, innovative, and international, confident, creative, and compassionate young leaders of the future.
That is our aspiration, and our students are evidence of its attainment. They are our most excellent ambassadors. Speak to them, and they will tell you far more than we or this website can about what makes Canberra Grammar School special.
They present themselves with an engaging mixture of openness, sincerity, and passion. Be it in classrooms, in orchestras, on stage, on the sporting field or in Chapel, they are enthusiastic and determined they care for each other, and they aspire to the highest standards in education.
Canberra Grammar School is an Independent Anglican school that welcomes students of all backgrounds and faiths. Although administered independently, the School has strong community links with the Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn.
The School's culture, aspirations, and principles are founded in Christian values and traditions. We strive to teach and nurture faith in God and respond to human needs with loving service. We aim to educate young leaders of the future distinguished by compassion grounded in faith to give more than is received, to serve, and to love with God's guidance and care.
Our Religious and Values Education program is designed to share an understanding and respect for the diversity of religions and traditions within our community. We always aim to be sincere, respectful, and reflective in spiritual matters, and we encourage our students to explore their faith with a generous spirit. Antioch University provides learner-centered education to empower students with the knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic, and environmental justice.
Antioch aspires to be a leading university offering learners and communities transformative education in a global context that fosters innovation and inspires social action.
The University offers quality academic programs relevant to the needs of today's learners. It embraces experiential learning by bridging academic outcomes with the real-world experience of all members of its learning community. The University educates the whole person by cultivating personal growth, pragmatic idealism, and the achievement of professional goals.
The University supports the active engagement of students and faculty in both scholarship and service. Antioch values the creative and deliberative application of teaching and learning to 'further social, economic, and environmental justice.'
The University maintains a historical commitment to promoting social justice and the common good. Students graduate from Antioch University with a heightened sense of their power and purpose as scholars, practitioners, and global citizens. The University nurtures inclusive communities of learners, inspiring diversity of thought and action. Antioch University engages and supports the educational, cultural, and environmental vitality of the diverse regional, national, and international communities that it serves.
In radical recognition of our mission and purpose, we pledge to engage in ongoing development as a wholly inclusive community actively. To this end, we will consistently, deliberately, and systematically strive to be appropriately responsive to the myriad dimensions of human diversity, such that none are marginalized and all experience justice and empowerment. Moving beyond tolerance toward inclusion and the celebration of our differences, we will courageously embrace any resulting challenges as they arise, recognizing that the responsibility for this rests with every member of the community. We assert that we will move expeditiously toward our goals through an ongoing commitment to courageous self‐examination and respectful and honest interactions, which will lead us to the creation of formal and informal structures, policies, programs, and services that will give life to these ideals on our campuses and as we touch the world around us.
Our approach to experiential learning extends beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Many students come equipped with previous accomplishments and life experiences that we consider when evaluating how best to serve them and you. At Antioch, you will learn skills, knowledge, and techniques that are directly translatable to your field. We believe hands-on learning, internships, and other experiences outside of the classroom, are vital to personal and professional growth.
Our admissions process focuses holistically on your life experience, considering the possibility you may be returning to formal education after many years. Using a system of Prior Learning Credits, interviews, references, and essays, we take into account all of your applied knowledge and experiences. At Antioch University's admissions department, your lived and earned knowledge is a valuable asset.
You do not work in a silo, so you should not learn in one either. Our collaborative environments emphasize learning through meaningful interactions with other adult learners. This stimulating environment further encourages challenging the status quo through group discussion and analysis. It also introduces and enhances invaluable leadership and management skills that apply to any workplace.
Some of our students are returning, adult learners and some of our students are in the process of finishing their education. Everyone around you at Antioch is here with one common goal: to better themselves through the pursuit of higher education. By working with and alongside peers on a similar life path, you have the added benefit of collaborating with other students who take learning seriously. This creates a supportive and engaging environment, with the added benefit of networking with like-minded individuals in your field.
Intimate classes and professors who care about their students are part of the DNA at Antioch University. Our faculty are responsive, knowledgeable, and ready to help you throughout your studies. Individualized attention allows you to build outstanding rapports with professors who are trained to adapt to each individual's learning style. This close relationship is often beneficial beyond graduation as you continue down your career path with the support of a lifelong mentor.
We recognize that it is not possible to put life on hold while you go back to School. By offering personalized course structure and a robust selection of online and low residency programs, you will be able to find a degree that fits your busy schedule and gives you the learning outcomes you need to succeed.
The Graduate School of Leadership and Change admissions team is here to help in answering any of your questions and to guide you in the exploration of whether our doctoral journey matches your educational goals. We pride ourselves on personalized attention from our first contact, so please do not hesitate to reach out anytime if you have questions about the program, the application process, or our learning community.
Get the career you want. Whether you choose to pursue your degree at one of our campuses or through our online learning programs, complete your Bachelor's degree with Antioch University. Get credit for the work you have already done – our Bachelor's completion programs accept credit transfers from an accredited institution or joint services transcripts. Our academic quality standards are the same, no matter how you choose to learn – online, low-residency, or on-campus. Scholarships and financial aid are 

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