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Dr. Montessori believed that children have an innate positive attitude towards learning. In a Montessori classroom, there is a unique atmosphere of cheerful orderliness, calmness, and purposeful work. The Montessori approach is child-centered but adult-guided. It is structured but free for learning, and enjoyably emphasizes basics. Respect for the child is paramount.
Montessori materials are designed to aid in the child’s prevailing learning sensitivities. Dr. Montessori developed the notion of “the right time to learn” – a heightened sensitivity when a child shows a robust spontaneous interest in certain aspects of the environment. The Montessori materials are a significant component of the prepared environment. They provide the opportunity for a child to work on tasks for extended periods, and these experiences support the development of concentration.
An essential feature of the materials is that they are mostly self-correcting. How the children are encouraged to use the materials supports the development of orderly work habits and persistence at the task (problem-solving).
Central to Dr. Montessori’s concept of education is the idea that the child develops by being active. Children will come to know about their world if given the freedom to engage their full attention to exploring and discovery. In the classroom, freedom is the key to a child’s spontaneous activity.
Children are given the freedom to choose what work they will do and how long they will do it. A balance is maintained between the need of each individual to have sufficient freedom to grow and develop towards independence and the necessity for order and harmony within the group.
The mixed age group with children of three, four, and five years working in the same environment is a significant contributor to the learning outcomes. This further supports the growing child’s social learning. The three-year age range is a Montessori school feature, so that commitment to a three-year program is a fundamental principle.
By giving your child a Montessori education, you will have peace of mind knowing that your child’s early education prepares them academically and socially for a lifetime of learning. Your child will benefit from our approach, which helps them become confident and self-motivated and gives them the best start in life. Our Directresses are exceptional. Spend 30 minutes with them, and you will come away convinced that your child deserves a place at our school.

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