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Camberwell Grammar School


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As a student at Camberwell Grammar School, your son will join an impressive array of men who have been educated at our school since 1886. We remain one of Melbourne's leading independent schools for boys. Our school enjoys an impressive reputation for academic excellence — success that stems from a culture where students, staff, and parents work together to cultivate a supportive and inclusive school community.

We are a friendly, safe, and energetic learning community where students can explore a well-rounded education across a wide range of academic, sporting, artistic and spiritual — creating confident young men who can thrive in an ever-changing, global world. Alongside academic pursuits, we pride in helping our students develop solid values, respect, integrity, and an appreciation of the world around them. We encourage students to be inquisitive, view issues and problems from a range of perspectives, and see learning as an ongoing adventure.

We bring together the strength of tradition with an understanding of future demands. Our educational strategies are innovative and modern, with technology fully integrated across our curriculum for teaching and learning. We also place great importance on helping our students to become responsible citizens. We recognize the importance you place on a quality education that goes beyond what is standard. Creating the best opportunities for your son, his development, and the future is what drives us.

Our students' success stems from an inclusive culture where students, staff, and parents cultivate a supportive, safe, and friendly learning community. By fostering a love of learning and a commitment to high academic standards, our goal is that every student fulfills his potential. We hope to educate men interested in the problems facing our world and the skills to do something about them. Our curriculum

  • Exposes students to a wide range of learning opportunities to help your son find his niche.
  • Is complemented by co-curricular activities for out-of-classroom learning.
  • Encourages activities beyond traditional 'male' pursuits, such as music and literature, so that students can explore their passions without the pressure of gender stereotypes.
  • It is delivered by talented teachers who strive to provide individual attention, respond creatively to new learning developments, and who are always learning too through extensive professional development.

Our teaching methods:

  • Focus on independent learning, harnessing curiosity, and a desire to explore and problem solve.
  • Incorporate new technologies to aid in learning and to teach responsibility in the digital age.
  • Recognize and address the unique learning style of boys to help students succeed.


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