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Calvary Lutheran School


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At Calvary Lutheran Primary School, each student is viewed as a unique person created by God. He made them and loved them and provides each of them with dignity and worth. We acknowledge uniqueness and strengths and encourage students to strive for their personal best and take responsibility for their learning journey while growing in the assurance of their God-given worth and purpose. We strive to be a safe, inclusive, and supportive community that develops positive relationships based on mutual trust, respect, and honesty.
Calvary is a small school with big ideas and high expectations!
Our School is a stand-alone primary school incorporating Kindergarten and Outside School, Hours Care facilities on-site, and is conveniently located in the southern suburb of Morphett Vale.
Together with parents and caregivers, we strive to pursue excellence in learning for each child while nurturing them in the Christian faith.
We aim to provide for the spiritual, intellectual, cultural, and physical development of our students in a safe, nurturing, and caring environment providing opportunities for them to REACH for success.
We strive to create learning environments that emphasize key competencies, stimulate thinking skills, and utilize technology to create challenging, motivating, and enjoyable learning experiences for all students in our care.
Calvary Lutheran Primary School was established in 1983 as an initiative of the Calvary Lutheran Congregation of Morphett Vale in recognition of the need for Christian education in the southern region. Initial enrolments comprised of 36 students and three teaching staff, all in just two transportable buildings purchased second hand.
In 1988, the current library, multipurpose room, toilets, and five classrooms were built. This was followed by replacing the temporary staffroom with a fully-functional administration/staffroom building.
In 1992 Calvary had grown to a single streamed Reception to Year 7 School with 200 students.
During 2010, Calvary established its first Digital Technologies suite consisting of 30 Mac computers and a server room combined with computer and printer facilities in all classrooms and the library. The School’s computing ability grew with the construction of the second ICT suite due to the Federal Government’s BER scheme.
Calvary currently has moved to a portable and connected model for Digital Technologies with the introduction of a 1:2 iPad program and the introduction of Mac laptops for student use.
Since 2010 the School has continued to grow and in 2015 undertook a building project to develop a Junior Primary Learning Community. This was partly funded by the Commonwealth Government through the Block Grant Authority and has provided the School with state of the art, flexible learning spaces for our youngest learners.
Calvary currently has 11 classes from Foundation to Year 7 and continues to grow in size while maintaining strong parent and community support.
Calvary Lutheran Primary School is owned, governed, and controlled by Calvary Lutheran Congregation, Morphett Vale. Our School is an agency of one congregation. The School Council acts on the congregation’s behalf, holding two meetings per term.
The School derives its financial support from tuition fees from parents, Commonwealth and State Government funding, and general donations.
Future growth and development of the School are directed through implementing the strategic plan, which is developed as a co-operative between parents, caregivers, staff, and the school council. As the plan sees the fulfillment of its objectives, it is reviewed and reshaped to give the school community a clear and defined direction.
Guidance and direction for the Schools’ staff, administration, and council are provided through its statements, aims, and objectives. These have been developed since the inception of the School and have become a stable and mature foundation.
As part of our funding agreement with the Australian Government, we are required to ensure that specific “School Performance Information” is publicly available to the school community.
This information is provided to the school community in other forms, such as newsletters, the website throughout the year, and the Annual Principal’s Report. The following downloadable document is a consolidated version of this information under the headings specified by the Australian Government. The information relates to the 2018 school year.

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