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Calrossy Anglican School


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Calrossy Anglican School is a leading educator in New South Wales. A Calrossy education is one shaped on a focus of success and wellbeing for every student, at every stage, from Preschool through to Year 12. It is a journey where every individual girl and boy is valued and supported to learn, grow, and serve and be prepared for life beyond school.

Calrossy, located in Tamworth in northwest NSW, boasts a unique "diamond" structure deliberately designed to ensure the best education for students at each stage. Calrossy has grown to house more than 1000 students, it now features Primary, alongside Secondary Boys and Girls and Boarding.

The Diamond Model means all students are taught in Prep to Year 6 on the sprawling rural William Cowper Campus (WCC). Girls and boys are separated in Year 7 to 10, with the boys on WCC and the girls on the Brisbane Street Campus, in the heart of the city. They combine again for a co-ed Year 11 and 12 across both campuses. This means the curriculum, wellbeing, sport, and co-curricular activities can address each gender's learning styles and specific needs of each gender, especially in the crucial junior high school years.

Calrossy is a dynamic, caring, and Christian environment where boys and girls may grow to be adults of faith, integrity, courage, and compassion, with a love of learning.

Calrossy Anglican School is a leader of New South Wales through excellence in education and connection to the community, with a Christ-centered focus.

Calrossy Anglican School seeks to create a dynamic, caring, Christian environment in which girls and boys may grow to be adults of faith, integrity, and compassion who value learning and pursue life with confidence and initiative, committed to excellence and truth.

Calrossy Anglican School is a "Diamond School," meaning boys and girls are taught together until Year 6, separately from Year 7 to Year 10, then combine for classes in the senior years.

To consolidate our Christian journey Calrossy Anglican School focuses on four core values:

  • Integrity
  • Selflessness
  • Inclusiveness
  • Resilience

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