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Caloundra City Private School


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Caloundra City Private School is located within the beautiful natural environment at Pelican Waters near Pumicestone Passage, Sunshine Coast. Pelican Waters and South Caloundra offer exciting prospects for managed population growth and regional development. Our vibrant young School is well-positioned to service this community with all of the benefits Independent Schooling in Queensland offers for girls and boys. As our children learn and grow, we anticipate that they will be the beautiful future of this magnificent region, the Sunshine Coast.
Our Classroom Learning Environment is carefully designed to be high, light, and airy, catching the best of the Sunshine Coast's northerly aspect. Combined with these innovative room designs, the School has invested in contemporary eLearning equipment, including individual devices for each student, and complementary software allowing twenty-four-hour access to learning resources.
Although we are fortunate with our physical learning spaces, our teachers make a difference for each boy and girl. They are a dynamic, collegial, dedicated, and caring, happy team who wants your son and daughter the very best. They will do whatever it takes to assist your child's development and learning progression. The partnership between the School and your Family is shown through the close and ongoing communication between our Teachers, the child in their care, and our Parents.
The School Motto of 'Excellence, Integrity, Learning' symbolizes our commitment to our Families that we will do whatever we can to foster a happy learning experience for your child's progression. Just as our Families want to provide the very best for their children, Caloundra City Private School also has a vision of growing our history with our community, to become a unique, resourceful, and creative center for the very best start in life for each girl and boy.
Our Mission is to provide an outstanding educational environment that is vibrant and exciting. It is a place of exceptional standards in a nurturing setting with an emphasis on each student's care and attention.
Academic excellence, self-discipline, and gracious social manners are cultivated, and full student participation in the learning, pastoral and co-curricular activities of the School are encouraged and valued.
The School's fresh and innovative approach helps develop happy and respectful young people. Within this technologically, pioneering environment, students can realize their dreams and optimize their potential for a successful future.
Caloundra City Private School (CCPS) is located with the Pacific Ocean coast's idyllic Beach, sand, wetland, and varied native flora and fauna environment. King's Beach is the first sand deposited site beyond the tip of Bribie Island that serves to protect the coast from wave action and creates a tidal flowing waterway called Pumicestone Passage. This waterway spills out into the ocean in spectacular wave and sandbar formations at high and low tides. Running near the boundary of our School is another waterway known as Bell's Creek, which has wetland marshes, lagoons, Paperbark trees, Casuarina stands in sandy soil and Ironbark low soil fertility woodlands. It is a unique and stunningly varied landscape with the precious bird, marsupial, reptile, and other native animal life. CCPS uses this beautiful place to provide learning stimuli for our children.

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