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Blue Mountains Grammar School


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For close to 100 years, Blue Mountains Grammar School has given the gift of outstanding young graduates to the Blue Mountains region, to this nation and the world. At BMGS, we believe that the most critical factors are teaching and learning, student wellbeing, and building a sense of community. Our focus is on the need for students to be able to make personal meaning from study and learning, to develop their thinking dispositions and to appreciate that learning is a life-long process while at the same time sharing their unique humanity with others and forming healthy relationships both at School, locally and further afield. Our students have opportunities to experience success, enjoy themselves, make friends, be involved in a myriad of co-curricular opportunities, be nurtured, and learn in a safe and caring Christian environment.

While an education that prepares our young people for examinations is central to what we do, we focus on broader skills so that our students are equipped with outcomes for life and work as they strive to do their best. The result is to produce capable, considerate, creative, courageous, and responsible young men and women, equipped with the skills to face confidently the challenges that lie ahead of them.

At Blue Mountains Grammar School, our students are at the heart of all we do. We acknowledge that every child is an individual with unique learning potential, and we encourage them to embrace learning and explore their strengths.

Our curriculum process is dynamic, practical, innovative, and ever-changing, continually striving to ensure that the learning undertaken is meaningful, developmental, and purposeful. This ensures our students enjoy and are engaged and challenged by their 21st-century education. Our educational practice is underpinned by the need to ensure our students develop future-ready capabilities, so they:

  • are globally aware and engaged
  • have a capacity to learn, relearn and unlearn
  • accept responsibility for their learning
  • are flexible, energetic, creative, critical and in-depth thinkers
  • have a strong sense of self-worth and personal identity
  • have healthy self-esteem and are not be afraid to take a risk or to make a mistake
  • can collaborate and communicate with one another and
  • can form connections with others

All of this occurs in a safe, stimulating, creative, supportive, and caring Christian environment. Our staff continuously review both “best” and “next practice” to provide the very best learning environment. For this reason, BMGS is a partner with the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Cultures of Thinking Project as an effective strategy for maximizing student outcomes.

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