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Blue Gum Montessori School


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The School is committed to educating the children as citizens of the 21st Century. Implementing the Montessori Method of Education, the School offers a prepared Montessori learning environment that fosters the children's innate desire to learn and encourages their independence. The activities and materials are scaffolded in complexity to meet the natural phases of child development, providing critical thought and problem-solving opportunities. The ages of the children in each class span three years, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, providing many possibilities for developing social skills and self-awareness. Peer coaching and collaborative learning are encouraged and supported in an influential culture of positive education. This framework, together with various academic skills, provides a firm foundation for the children to be motivated individuals and to be able to develop to their full potential.
BGMS is a 'green' school, situated on the Beeliar Wetlands' doorstep within a natural environment. The School is governed by a board dedicated to providing a caring, educational environment for both the children and the school community. The Board works in governance and delegates the operations of the School to the Principal.
BGMS is registered with the Western Australian Department of Education Services and is fully compliant with the Western Australian Department of Education requirements. The unique Montessori curriculum enhances and expands on the government's required outcomes. The School is a member of the Montessori Australia Foundation and the Foundation's Quality Assurance Program.
Mission provides an excellent Montessori Education that enables the development of every child to reach their full potential. Vision To be a leading Independent School that develops confident, independent, community-minded children inspired a life-long love of learning.
The Blue Gum Montessori School philosophy acknowledges each child and supports the natural phases of their development. We are an independent school that values community life and actively fosters partnerships between children, parents/carers, and professional staff.

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