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Bethania Lutheran Primary School


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Bethania Lutheran School is a Christ-centred community supporting the educational journey by providing dynamic, innovative teaching and learning, within a nurturing environment. We offer an excellent all-around education for your child, but we also offer a community. A real community where families are prominent and working together is central to all that we do. There is an old saying, ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ We believe it takes a community to educate one! Research shows that families and schools working together in the partnership are among the most effective ways for your child to achieve individual success.
However, that is not all there is to the community. There is that feeling of belonging, connectedness, and the feeling that I am special. As a school, we work hard at helping students and families connect to their class, their teachers, and the school community. Belonging to a real community helps students feel safe enough to discover the unique person God created them to be and helps parents play an essential part in their child’s education. Our active P and F also strive to connect families through fun ‘friend-raising’ activities in classes and across the school. This beautiful Bethania community grows very much out of our Christian beliefs.
Our school also understands that parents in our community work hard and make sacrifices to send their children to an independent Christian school such as ours. Our low, inclusive tuition fees reflect this. To further help our families, we also offer discounts for on-time payment of fees and sibling discounts.
While a German school had been operating in the area since the early 1900s, the Bethania Lutheran School was opened in January 1976 with one teacher and eighteen pupils in Years 1 to 3. The school was officially opened in the church hall with the first teacher installed, Mrs. Betty Schultz. Conditions in the early history of the school were severe. By 1977 the school was still operating in the church hall with 45 students and two teachers. The first building erected on the school property, teacher accommodation, was opened in October 1977. In May 1978, the first school building was dedicated and opened, and the second school building opened in February 1979. By this time, the pupils numbered 85. The school blossomed over the years and now has over 12 buildings and 200 students in a leafy and tranquil setting.
While there is a significant focus on teaching and learning, each school strives to offer far more than that. When a family joins a Lutheran school, they become part of a community that strives to be a secure place that offers warm, caring relationships and a safe environment. A Lutheran school sees each student as being unique with their particular gifts and needs. The approach is not to ask what students and their families can do for the school, but what the school can do for them.
Lutheran schools have developed a unique vision that is based on the teachings of the Bible. As a Christian learning community, each school aspires to provide a culture and ethos permeated by the core values of love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation.
Bethania Lutheran School is a Christ-centered community supporting the educational journey by providing dynamic, innovative teaching and learning within a nurturing environment.
We believe that every student is a unique individual created by God with their special gifts, strengths, and needs. In order for students to build their positive image of themselves as learners and contributors to their communities, they are provided with relevant, purposeful, and appropriate learning experiences. These learning experiences are structured and presented in various ways, with opportunities for both success and personal challenge. Students are encouraged to take ownership of and contribute directly to the learning experience. The school facilitates this learning by providing timely and purposeful feedback and learning environments, which pro$3,812.00mote a positive atmosphere of trust and safe risk-taking.
Achievement and success are things we strive toward for all of our students, irrespective of the point at which they have begun their educational journeys.
Success is hard-fought and won, and we celebrate personal achievements daily. Our students are supported by a vast array of learning enrichment approaches, including one-on-one and small group tutoring, in-class support, reading rescue, individualized programs, outside therapy services, and collaborative teaching support. We aim to encourage all children to achieve their personal best through support and extension, meeting each child where they are and growing their ability through individualized programs. It is common to walk into the staffroom and hear a teacher gushing joyously about the latest DRA result or maths achievement of one of the students that they have been working with. The reward of knowing that you have made a significant difference to a child cannot be measured.
The Learning Enrichment team consists of three specialist teachers, six teacher aides, and a host of volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. We have parents, congregational members, friends from the local retirement facilities, and even a couple of university students with spare time on their hands. When you consider that we are only a small school of approximately 260 students, we are blessed to have so many beautiful people supporting our students and teachers. The African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ is never more accurate than in a place like our school. Parents, teachers, support staff, and volunteers join together to shape the hearts, heads, and lives of an exceptional group of children.

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