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WELCOME TO BETHANY CHRISTIAN SCHOOL The school was started in 1981 and is a ministry of The Church at Bethany, a Pentecostal Church belonging to the Apostolic Church of Australia. Bethany Christian School is a school of around 500 students from Reception to Year 6 in Paralowie in the Northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.
At Bethany, our vision is to excel in Christian education and character, inspiring greatness while serving communities and impacting nations. Our mission is to excel in Christian education in partnership with families, providing a Biblical worldview. Train and equip our students with leadership and Godly values to achieve personal excellence. Model grace, justice, and generosity
The core values of Bethany Christian School are grace, leadership, respect, compassion, humility, forgiveness, learning, righteousness, responsibility, truth, service, accountability, love, generosity, integrity, excellence, vision, justice, faith, discipleship and work. Our vision for impacting nations support the House of Hope Village and sister school in Indonesia.
Bethany Christian School is a ministry of The Church at Bethany, a Pentecostal Church belonging to the Apostolic Church of Australia. The school currently has over 500 students and has three classes at each Year level from Reception to Year 6.
Bethany Christian School is a member of the Independent Schools of South Australia and Christian Schools Australia. There is a Middle and Senior School campus, Years 7-12, on the site under the separate governance of Temple Christian College. Bethany students move seamlessly to the Temple campus on completion of Year 6. We strive to see improvement for all students at Bethany Christian School. Our use of data to inform teaching is one of the crucial ways that we see this achievement.
At Bethany, we see the importance of keeping up with technology. We aim to provide a technologically, productive learning environment for our students and staff. This year our BYOD iPad Program continues with Year 5 & 6 classes. Click the link to find out more. Sports are another aspect of our school that is encouraged through a wide range of extracurricular activities.
Bethany Early Learning Centre (ELC) offers a language-rich educational kindergarten program for children one year before starting formal schooling. Our program is play-based and designed to nurture children socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, culturally, and academically in a caring Christian environment.
Our philosophy is made up of three main areas CARE, CREATE, and CHALLENGE. We believe that we are educating for Eternity. Children have the opportunity to participate in various specialist activities, including nature play, art activities, literacy and numeracy programs, music, physical education, library, Indonesian, and other special events within the Bethany community.
The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is the foundation of our curriculum, supporting children to become independent and confident learners while using their strengths and interests to drive our shared learning and projects. Our daily routine is flexible and consists of indoor and outdoor activities, intentional play, structured large and small group times, as well as opportunities for self-reflection.

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