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Berwick Grammar School


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Established in 2009, BGS has been designed to meet the learning and developmental needs of boys precisely and maximize opportunities for boys in terms of learning experiences, state-of-the-art facilities, and extra-curricular programs.
Our vision for boys is to develop young men of integrity who have a strong sense of purpose and a commitment to making the world a better place. This vision starts locally, and all BGS students are expected to be significant contributors to their local community. This is achieved through the school's pastoral and leadership programs and the ongoing commitment to authentic community service.
As the brother school of St Margaret's, academic excellence is a crucial goal at Berwick Grammar, and there is a high expectation for students to aim for success. However, there is a balance between academic rigor and the need to support each student's personal and social development. Programs have been purpose-built in Design Technology, Information Communication Technology, and Sport and Physical Education to engage and inspire boys to achieve their personal best. Confidence and self-esteem significantly influence a student's ability to achieve, and so are a crucial focus of our programs.
In our Junior School, our values are expressed in the following way. Compassion: I seek to help others with kindness and understanding. Integrity: I am honest and fair in all that I do. Determination: I always try to do my personal best, and I never give up. Social responsibility: I respect myself and others, and I care for the world around me.
In our Senior School, our values are expressed in the following way. Compassion: I try to understand the feelings of others and to improve the lives of other people. Integrity: I am responsible for my actions and endeavor to act ethically and honestly in the best interest of all. Determination: I always try to do my personal best with self-discipline. I strive to overcome challenges to realize my aspirations. Social responsibility: I am conscious of the impact my actions and decisions have on myself, others, our society, and the environment. I seek to ensure a positive future.
At St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar School, we seek to be precise and personalized in our learning approach. In being precise, we seek to understand your child's learning needs so that we can best assist them in realizing their full potential as learners. In being personalized, we seek to know your child as a person and how they learn best.
In association with personal best, a culture of excellence permeates St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar School's educational philosophy, and achievement is celebrated in a myriad of ways. A lifelong love of learning is nurtured so that students may continue to achieve excellence throughout a lifetime of continual change.
St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar School seeks to discover and encourage each student's talents to feel both valued and empowered. In a happy, safe, and inclusive environment, students are provided with a range of opportunities and contexts that invite participation and achievement. Within a culture of respect and cooperation, a strong sense of school spirit infuses the St Margaret's and Berwick Grammar community. The school culture promotes communication and action as the fundamental mechanisms that influence change for the better in local and global contexts. Leadership through service to others is promoted and highly valued.

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