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Bellmere State School


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Getting to know our families and building partnerships with the community is central to who we are. We work closely in teams to ensure each child reaches their potential in a safe, supportive learning environment.


At Bellmere State School, we pride ourselves on teamwork and collaboration. Our vision of being 'A Community of Learners' encompasses the belief that one never stops learning - we are all life-long learners - students, parents, community members, and staff. At Bellmere State School, we plan to support each other in our learning journey by becoming a community learning together.

Our values center around our motto that 'Hand in Hand We Learn.' Our 'HANDS' values are Honesty & Respect, Achievement, Nurturing, Determination, Safety. Our motto represents our commitment to working hand in hand with each other and building a supportive community. It is about acknowledging the diversity within our community with the colored leaves. It is about life and growth - providing opportunities for every child to learn and grow in a nurturing environment.

Our school offers learning opportunities for our students that align with the Australian Curriculum. We teach using a range of strategies that aim to engage students and promote a love of learning. Through a collaborative program design, our teachers are equipped with the skills to provide quality education to encourage lifelong learning and skill development when students enter society as teenagers and young adults.

We provide students with the opportunities to learn in environments conducive to developing higher-order thinking and independence, as well as collaborative learning. Our classrooms are designed as flexible learning environments, where furniture and resources can be configured in ways to suit the task as opposed to the traditional rows and tidy trays. In a flexible learning environment, students can be grouped more fluidly and take ownership of their learning needs.

Our teachers are equipped with technologies to redefine how students learn. Through our BYO iPad program, for example, we encourage students to be active digital citizens, as the need for this is ever-increasing. We incorporate a range of technologies to promote a love of learning and a more in-depth understanding of content and learning processes.

At the beginning of 2017, the school embarked on the journey to increase opportunities to develop student learning through our involvement in the department's 'New Pedagogies for Deep Learning' initiative. With support from the regional team, and in collaboration with other schools in the cluster, our teachers will create units of work centered around the six Cs and the Four Pillars.

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