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IESEG School of Management


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Our origins date back to 1964, and since then we’ve achieved the ranking of a top 10 French Business School as well as the prestigious accolade of becoming a Grande École – one of the most respected and academically rigorous higher education programmes in the world.

The IESEG culture is born out of a passion for progress and ability meaning that we focus all our energies on identifying the true potential from each student. We’re proud of our unorthodox approach to business education and its ability to instill the key values of accomplishment, responsability, integrity, solidarity, engagement – abilities that have been at the heart of our school since the very beginning.

Here, at IESEG School of Management, our objectives are simple: we’re here to ensure we turn our students into talented, dynamic and above all, successful business people professionals who will continue to make a difference across a diverse range of global business markets.

As a French Grande Ecole and member of the Conference des Grandes Ecoles, IESEG is part of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country. It is also awarded with the international accreditations EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

IESEG is part of Université Catholique de Lille, which, by its organization, size, infrastructure, resources and quality is very similar to some famous British universities. Established in 1964 in Lille, the school has a second campus in Paris – La Défense, European biggest business hub. With its two campuses, the School counts more than 4800 students.

At IESEG, students have access to the 5-year Grande École Program: A 3-year Bachelor program covering the fundamentals of management followed by a 2-year MSc program in which the students deepen their management knowledge and choose a specialization. The diploma approved by the French Ministry of Education has also been awarded the grade de Master (Master’s degree).

IESEG is an internationally oriented and highly rigorous school with a strong commitment to social responsibility. Over a period of 18 months, the whole IESEG community (students, academic and administrative staff, alumni, corporate representatives) took part in a deep visioning process to define what the School will be in 2025. This collaborative process was based on a thorough analysis of the School’s strengths, areas for improvement, its roots and values, as well as an identification of future trends in society and higher education.

Our mission :

  • To educate managers to be inspiring, intercultural and ethical pioneers of change.
  • To create knowledge that nurtures innovative leaders.
  • To promote creative solutions for and with responsible organizations.

Our values:

  • IESEG’s educational mission aims to provide students with the opportunity to go the ‘extra mile’ and achieve great things.
  • This is a crucial value when educating responsible managers who will run organizations in a complex and global environment, while paying particular attention to issues such as corporate social responsibility, sustainable development, ethics and transparency.
  • We expect both students and staff to act ethically in all their personal and professional activities.
  • No one can perform and fulfill their potential alone. Solidarity (and team work) is an increasingly important value both in the work place and in daily life and is at the core of the School’s mission/activities.
  • The IESEG community is fully and collectively committed to achieving the School’s ambitious mission.

The learning experience is therefore focused on enabling students to acquire knowledge and know-how, as well as personal development, in order to drive their skills. The learning experience at IÉSEG is intercultural by nature. Between the academic and administrative staff and the students, more than 100 nationalities are represented on the two campuses. The diversity of origins, personal backgrounds and professional experience creates an incredibly rich environment that is beneficial for everyone. The learning experience is based on four cornerstones, all of which are associated with a set of various instructional methods.

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