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Higher Institute of Aeronautics and Space


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To provide the most excellent quality higher education in science and engineering, to train highly qualified, multidisciplinary engineers in aeronautics and space and related fields. To deliver specialized courses and continuing education programs to expand or update expertise, engage in scientific research and technological development, and provide innovative solutions to tomorrow’s challenges, deliver doctoral degree programs.
Discover the illustrious history of the Institute thanks to our extensive collection of digitized archival documents. The beginning of an ambitious, constantly evolving project, His site is now available for consultation.
Through His, learn about the many transformations that ISAE has undergone, testifying to the Institute’s capacity to continually adapt to technical and technological progress and its essential contribution to the remarkable growth of the global aerospace industry.
The site will address a wide range of topics related to changes that have occurred over more than one century: the creation of two schools in Paris and their subsequent transfer to Toulouse, the evolution in buildings, organization, teaching and research activities, faculty, campus life, student associations and clubs, and scientific facilities, among others.
The rich heritage of ISAE has helped make the Institute what it is today: a world leader in higher education and research in aerospace engineering.
The Library needs and welcomes your help to advance the preservation and valorization of the Institute’s heritage. We are interested in viewing any testimonials or documents related to the history of ISAE (photographs, courses, reports, brochures, posters, films, etc.)
In light of the material difficulties associated with contacting all the authors or their beneficiaries, along with people visible in the pictures, and given the historical interest of these materials, ISAE has chosen to diffuse the documents in its possession publicly. However, the authors are entitled to the standard rights associated with these works. Any person who is identifiable in documents online is entitled to rectify or delete personal data concerning him or her. If you wish to exercise this right, please contact the documentation department at the documentation at isae.fr
ISAE-SUPAERO offers a wide range of programs: the “ingénieur ISAE-SUPAERO” program (MSc), Masters of Science and Advanced Master’s programs, and Doctoral programs. As an international student, there are different ways of enrolling in each of these programs.
When you arrive, you will be welcomed by an ISAE SUPAERO host who will provide you with practical information about getting settled and your final enrollment. All students in the Ingénieur ISAE SUPAERO program (MSc) will participate in a week-long integration course (visits of the school and Toulouse along with activities to help new students get to know each other and other ISAE-SUPAERO students).
On-campus there are three new student residences, a dining hall, a student center, and extensive athletic facilities. Once you have been admitted to ISAE-SUPAERO, you may request housing at one of the on-campus student residences. More about housing.

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