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Al-Noor Academy


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We are a private, 6-12 secondary academy in suburban Boston, Mass., USA, in the shadow of America’s hub of learning. Every single graduate in our history has gone on to university, mostly in the Boston area. Think Tufts, Boston College, Wellesley College, Boston University. Think MIT and think Harvard.
Al-Noor Academy combines the best of the Old World and the New: our students follow a rigorous regimen dictated by the Massachusetts Education Frameworks, but they also adhere to a Muslim curriculum of Arabic, Quran and Islamic Religion so well-planned, it has been evaluated by Middle Eastern scholars and found to be as good as, if not better than, those in Muslim countries!
Founded in Quincy, MA in 2000, we moved to our current Mansfield home several years later. Since then, we have enjoyed continued growth and improvement. Recent renovations to our building include a state-of-the-art Science laboratory and smartboard electronics in every classroom. Our continually evolving Physical Education curriculum allows students the benefits of play and sportsmanship, as well as establishes school pride.
Our faculty are all highly qualified teachers, many with Masters and Ph.D. degrees. Following a lengthy vetting process, Al-Noor was recently certified as an International school, enabling us to accept students from overseas. The school houses a community masjid on our top floor, and our faculty includes known community scholars. We sponsor Quran competitions, as well as Tajweed and Nasheed. Several festivals celebrate academic, Islamic, and Arabic achievement. We enjoy frequent field trips to discover the historical, cultural, and intellectual treasures which abound in Greater Boston and Southern New England. We also enjoy close relationships with several of Boston’s many premier-tier universes.
Our eleventh and twelfth graders enjoy a special privilege in that regard. Our Dual Enrollment program sees qualified upperclassmen spend two days a week at Al-Noor, fulfilling their religious and moral education obligations, and for three days weekly attend regular classes in area colleges. It is therefore possible for an ANA student to complete up to half their college credits before graduating from high school!
Al-Noor Academy augments its regular classroom studies in a number of ways not seen in other traditional Western secondary schools. They include Qiyam for young brothers and a Sisters Halqa, which in turn enhance a carefully planned program of Character Building. Recently, we have enhanced our Dual Enrollment counseling, boosting the ability of our graduates to successfully apply to prestigious colleges—a program already bearing fruit. Events such as our Science Fair, Humanities Fair, Arabic Fair, and Muslim Rising Dawn focus attention on a combination of academic skills, while at the same time forging an understanding of student heritage. Literature Night focuses on facility in standard American English.
While it is a busy agenda, there is always time for fun, such as field trips and charity events like Colors Day, when students pay a nominal fee to depart from our usually strict black-blue-khaki (boys)-white dress code. Those events are planned and overseen by our active and involved Student Council. We are proud of our accomplishments but never rest on our laurels. Neither do we ever forget from Whom all blessings descend? Alhumdullilah!
The curriculum, system of discipline, and leisure activities at the Academy combine the knowledge and practice of Islam with the best training in the sciences, humanities, and business so that our students can grow up to be conscientious Muslims while also aspiring to the highest goals in the vocations they choose.
Thus, the objectives of the academic programs are to form skilled and discerning individuals equipped with logical scientific reasoning, trained in necessary skills, full of creativity, and prepared for life-long learning. The Academy makes students proud of the Muslim scholars in the fields of humanities and sciences and encourages them to excel in their education to advance the mission of their ancestors by contributing to modern-day academia.
The Academy provides a fertile environment for maximum social, emotional, physical and academic development according to the values of Islam, and challenges students to reach their maximum human potential. The Academy guides the children to lead decent contemporary lives, enrich their families, serve their community, tolerate difference, think critically, promote collaboration and respect others. School activities help the children develop individual talent, self-esteem and leadership characteristics and offer an outlet for demonstrating creativity. The entire school community provides high learning standards, preparing students to live in a complex, technological and multi-cultural society as proud, practicing Muslims.

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