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Academies Australasia is a leading education provider offering English language, Senior High School, Singapore Government School Preparatory Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, and Master degree courses.
We offer more than 250 qualifications to about 10,000 students across campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Dubbo - in 5 states in Australia. We also have a college in Singapore that offers Australian-standard courses. Our students come from over 127 countries. This diverse student population creates a truly unique learning experience for our students.
Our teachers are dedicated and passionate about teaching experience at leading universities. They have business and industry experience - so they bring real-world experience into the classroom. We are committed to quality education and student satisfaction. The underlying objective is to encourage you to attain your personal best and develop self-confidence to give you a competitive edge.
At Academies Australasia, we also understand that being a student is more than just study and hard work. We are committed to providing our students with a challenging, rewarding, and enjoyable learning environment. We provide a range of dedicated support services and actively work with our students to seek part-time employment in their chosen profession. We understand that choosing a college is a crucial decision for you. Our team is available to assist you and your family in making this critical decision.
At Academies Australasia, you can choose from a range of recognized courses under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). AQF programs are nationally recognized, which means your qualification and skills can be used anywhere in Australia and provide you with credit for further study at University. Courses are categorized in distinct levels, from the essential Certificate II up to Advanced Diplomas.
[Note: The Council registers the courses offered by Academies Australasia College (AAC) in Singapore for Private Education in Singapore. Those courses offered by AAC, which have the same name as the AQF recognized courses, are identical t the AQF recognized courses.
Students who complete any of the modules listed in the AAC course brochures will qualify for ‘recognition’ of prior learning (i.e., credits) should they wish to continue their course at any other Academies Australasia college. In the same way, they may be considered, on a case-by-case basis, for credits should they wish to enroll at any university with which the Academies Australasia colleges have articulation or credit transfer arrangements at the appropriate time.

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