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Alphington Grammar School


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Although a relatively young school, having celebrated our 25 year anniversary in 2014, Alphington Grammar School has a strong community focus, and a commitment to enabling our students to strive for personal success. As a small school, with a moderate fee structure, our focus is on the learning outcomes for our students, and providing them with the appropriate learning experiences for their success We are able to provide our students with experiences and opportunities that contribute to the skills they require to not only succeed at school, but to thrive in their world beyond school.

At Alphington Grammar School our primary focus is the happiness and success of your child and your family. Success means different things to different people, and for us, the success of your child is measured by their individual achievement - by knowing that they are doing the very best that they can do.

At Alphington Grammar School our mission is to:

  • Inspire and equip all students to strive for excellence in their academic, creative and sporting pursuits and to reach their personal best in all fields
  • Nurture and promote the unique qualities and personal well-being of all students and their respect for the individuality of others
  • Equip all students with the knowledge, skills and attributes to participate successfully in Australian society, and to develop lifelong learning skills that will prepare them for a multitude of futures in a globally mobile workforce
  • Promote students’ understanding and appreciation of our culturally diverse society, including the teaching of Greek language and culture, and of the contribution of the Hellenic intellectual tradition to the development and progress of human society.

At Alphington Grammar School our very youngest students are introduced to the excitement of learning in our ELC program. We provide a genuinely warm and loving environment where 3 and 4 year old’s can grow and develop their love of learning and begin to gradually transition into the more structured world of formal education. A play-based educational and developmental program, our ELC program is an ideal starting point for 3 and 4 year old’s as they embark on their school life. Our highly experienced educators provide opportunities for our young people to explore their world, learn to respect others, make new friends, share ideas and embrace creativity.

The ELC program at Alphington Grammar School is a play based educational and developmental program. It enables our youngest students to explore, identify, negotiate, take risks and create meaning all within a safe and nurturing environment. Beginning to learn these skills at a young age, will help them to adapt more easily to the more structured environment of Prep and beyond.  The curriculum varies greatly throughout the year in recognition of their abilities as early learners when they first begin with us. As their confidence, knowledge, curiosity and resilience grow throughout the year, so too does the learning opportunities our staff provide for them. Our ELC students also have the added advantage of being involved in the Specialists program in our Primary School. Depending on the days of attendance they will also have Physical Education, Greek and Music.

At Alphington Grammar, we believe the Primary Years are integral to building solid foundations in literacy and numeracy, as well as a sense of wonder about learning that will help our students become lifelong learners.  Students within the Primary Years, are encouraged to explore their talents and achieve to the best of their abilities. Our structured program with its emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills, is well supported by a stimulating program across other subject areas. This ensures our students are provided with a strong and inspiring range of learning experiences.

In reference to our Hellenic background, Greek as the second language is taught to all Primary students. Language classes are streamed to accommodate all levels of understanding and extend those students who possess a greater  level of proficiency. With many students coming from a non – Hellenic background, our program delivers the benefits of learning a second language to all our Primary students without the expectation of prior knowledge.

The Secondary Years at Alphington Grammar School enhances the foundation skills learned in the Primary Years, and further develops the academic thinking and life skills necessary for our students to graduate as well rounded, global citizens. Whether a student has progressed from within Alphington Grammar School, or is a new arrival, our fundamental goal is for their journey through our Secondary School to be a happy one, where they have many opportunities to achieve personal success.

Underpinning all our programs are the Habits of Mind that we first introduce in the Primary Years and build on into the secondary journey. We believe that these 16 problem solving, life related skills are essential for our students to effectively manage living and working in the world they will encounter at the end of their journey here.

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