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Ecole nationale superieure de l'electronique et de ses applications


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Founded in 1952, ENSEA is a leading French Graduate School located in Cergy-Pontoise (30 km from Paris). As a public institution, ENSEA delivers nearly 240 diplomas each year and recruits students from 'classes préparatoires' (conjunct entrance exam as in Centrale-Supelec, Arts et Métiers Paris Tech), from DUT-BTS, ATS as well as students who hold a two-year university diploma (initial schooling and continued learning).
Students are highly encouraged to diversify their curriculum by choosing a specialized program, spending time abroad, or getting a double degree obtained in conjunction with an oversea partner university and by taking part in fulfilling campus activities.
ENSEA also includes two worldwide-renown research laboratories: ETIS, UMR CNRS, specialized in the data processing system, and QUARTZ, a shared laboratory, focused on engineering science and at ENSEA, specialized in Control of Systems, Mechatronics and Power Electronics.
ENSEA trains general engineers to a wide range of programs, which include several Graduate Specializations (Electronics, Energy, Embedded Systems and Telecommunications, Computer Engineering). There is a significant implementation field covering the whole cutting-edge technologies sector: Transport, Biotechnologies, Renewable Energy, Army, Telecommunications, Networks, Security, Multimedia…
We wish students to excel at the school's core values: Expertise, Passion, Openness, and Responsibility. We strive to teach them social skills and know-how and, above all, to enhance their desire and capacity to learn throughout their careers every stage of their career path.
Diverse and enthralling student activities help our engineers rapidly manage projects, easily integrate a team, think globally, and yet take into account the diversity of a multicultural environment. In a nutshell, students are fully trained and not just filled with training.
Studying at ENSEA means choosing a high-quality academic institution that trains students in cutting-edge technologies to meet companies' requirements.'
International students can apply through existing bi-lateral agreements as a member of several networks, including CampusFrance, N+i, Erasmus+, Global E3, AMPERE, Brafitec, Arfitec, ENSEA has bi-lateral partnerships with an extensive network of universities across the world.
ENSEA offers some courses in English, and international students can come either for a semester or the whole academic year. We also provide research projects in our laboratories.
For English-only speaking undergraduates students, the FAME program is tailored for you.
To be awarded the ENSEA Diplôme d'Ingénieur, you have to spend four academic semesters, including a-one semester internship, where you are paid. The main admission requirements are a Bachelor's degree and a good command of the French language (B2 level). If an intensive preparation is required, you may apply through the N+i network, which takes care of your arrival and language learning.

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