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Upon moving to our new location, we are looking to improve our already exceptional program by increasing the number of grade levels offered to accommodate our student’s educational progression. This will allow them to complete their primary, middle, and upper school education in a familiar environment with a consistent curriculum and consistency in ethical guidance.

Summary of ADEK Inspection

The overall performance of the school is acceptable. Many aspects of the school’s provision have been transformed since the start of the school year. The new leadership team has created and sustained a safe, caring, and orderly environment. Attendance and punctuality are now excellent, reflecting improved engagement 0f students and parental involvement in their learning. Most students show their awareness of Islamic values in respectful behavior and relationships with staff and each other. Students show an acceptable appreciation of UAE heritage and culture. The quality of teaching and students’ achievement is now acceptable, having improved significantly. Most students’ progress and core learning skills are now acceptable across the school. While weakness remains in several areas, such as progress for older students, the school now has the means to recognize these and plan actions to improve. The curriculum does not yet provide the expected range of artistic and sporting activities. It has yet to be adapted to fully meet the needs of students who have special needs or are gifted and talented. Leaders’ day-to-day management of the school is proper, but they have yet to engage effectively with the broader community or adequately promote students’ social responsibility.

School’s strengths

  • The rapid and sustained school improvements the principal and school leaders have made in all key areas
  • The care and safety of students and the promotion of students’ attendance and punctuality
  • The management of the day-to-day life of the school
  • The reporting to parents of students’ achievement and personal development.


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