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Albany State University will be a world-class comprehensive university and a powerful catalyst for the economic growth and development of Southwest Georgia. ASU will be recognized for its innovative and creative delivery of excellent educational programs, broad-based community engagement and public service, and creative scholarship and applied research, all of which enrich the lives of the diverse constituencies served by the University.
Albany State University, a proud member institution of the University System of Georgia, elevates its community and region by offering a broad array of graduate, baccalaureate, associate, and certificate programs at its main campuses in Albany as well as at strategically-placed branch sites and online. Committed to excellence in teaching and learning, the University prepares students to be productive contributors to a globally diverse society, where knowledge and technology create opportunities for personal and professional success. ASU respects and builds on its institutional predecessors' historical roots with its commitment to access and a strong liberal arts heritage that respects diversity in all its forms and gives all students the foundation they need to succeed. Through creative scholarship, research, and public service, the University's faculty, staff, students, and administrators form strategic alliances internally and externally to promote community and economic development, resulting in an improved quality of life for the citizens of southwest Georgia and beyond.
Albany State University will aspire toward excellence in teaching and learning, thus becoming the first-choice institution for students from southwest Georgia and garnering recognition as a premier southern regional university.
As a historically black institution and led by a highly-diverse faculty and staff, Albany State University will embrace diversity in all its forms – including age, gender identity, race and ethnicity, country of origin, religion, ability level, sexual orientation, and veteran status – and seek to foster a similar acceptance and celebration of that diversity. As an access institution, Albany State University will promote student success for all by welcoming students from varying levels of academic preparation, keeping costs low, offering flexible class times and instructional modalities, and pairing high student expectations with exceptional mentoring and tutoring.
Albany State University will recognize and address the many challenges that face African Americans and other students of color, adult learners, first-generation students, students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, and others from underserved populations, and form strong partnerships with K-12, government agencies, and community outreach organizations to increase access and success rates. As part of its commitment to teaching and learning, Albany State University will promote economic development in Albany and throughout southwest Georgia by engaging in applied research, aligning its resources in support of identified needs, developing and enhancing academic programs to meet evolving needs, forming broad strategic partnerships, supplying a trained workforce, and fostering a sense of entrepreneurship.
Our learning center exists for you and your child. Our staff provides the loving care and guidance your child needs as he/she grows and develops. We are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a mark of quality in early childhood education. We are also a 2-star Quality Rated center with Georgia's Bright from the Start program, where independent, credentialed experts in early education have assessed where our programs follow best practices of early education.
Our staff is eager to work with parents to provide the highest quality education and care for them. As a part of Albany State University, we provide a learning environment that enhances the growth and development of all children by utilizing the expertise of professors and students from various disciplines on the campus. This provides our students with experiences beyond the standard curriculum used in the classrooms.
The Office of Academic Affairs at Albany State University upholds the standards and policies established by the faculty and administration while overseeing all aspects of the University curriculum and encouraging students to become involved in global citizens. Academic Affairs also provides support to assist administrators, staff, faculty, and students in realizing their academic goals in pursuit of high academic achievement and, at the same time, overseeing Albany State University's services related to the teaching, learning, and research activities on campus.
The Division of Enrollment Management's mission is to formulate strategies and develop programs and services designed to achieve the enrollment, retention, and graduation goals of the University. The Enrollment Management staff strives to support the University's mission by providing unparalleled service to students as they pursue their educational and career goals. Albany State University seeks to provide the highest possible customer service to our students. The University takes student complaints and concerns very seriously and is committed to responding to these issues promptly. The University has a procedure for appeals and grievances, such as academic appeals, non-academic appeals (residence life, financial aid, non-academic misconduct), and general student complaints.
The Division of Institutional Effectiveness supports the advancement of the University's mission by providing timely and accurate data and information to support effective decision-making, strategic planning, institutional assessment, and the development of programs, projects, and initiatives that promote institutional effectiveness and continuous improvement at all levels of the University.
To create new synergy and integration of strengths of the included units for continuous improvement, the division includes three principal offices: The Office of Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment, the Office of Title III Programs, and the Center of Excellence for Community Engagement.

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