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Welcome to Alaska Pacific University, a fantastic place to be, belong, and become! At APU, our classrooms are not always bounded by four walls. On a boat, in the desert, on a glacier, above the rain forest canopy, working with local business, student teaching in an elementary school, or, yes, even in a classroom on campus, your education will be personalized, experiential and hands-on.
APU provides a world-class, hands-on, culturally responsive educational experience in collaboration with our students, communities, and Tribal partners. APU's majors are organized through Institutes, to purposefully and meaningfully advance APU's vision, mission, and values. The framework of learning at APU is built on five competencies interwoven through all academic degree programs. These essential competencies result in the attainment of critical skills and wide-ranging knowledge useful across a multitude of professions and industries.
PU's undergraduate programs include Alaska Native Governance (BA), Business Administration & Management (BA), Counseling Psychology (BA), Creative & Professional Writing (BA), Liberal Studies (BA), Marine & Environmental Sciences (BS), Outdoor Studies (BA), and Sustainability Studies (BA). From field courses to campus-based classes, students find themselves in a variety of settings intentionally designed to enhance their educational experience in a way that is uniquely APU.
APU's graduate degree offerings include Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Executive MBAs with focuses in Communication Technology and Strategic Leadership, Counseling Psychology (MS), Environmental Science (MS), and Outdoor and Environmental Education (MS). Graduate certificates are also available in Entrepreneurship and Investments.
The framework of learning at APU is built on five competencies interwoven through all academic degree programs. These essential competencies result in the attainment of critical skills and wide-ranging knowledge useful across a multitude of professions and industries. These programs areas: Alaska Native Governance, Alaska Rural Management, Business Administration and Management, Community Health, and Nursing. Professional Studies courses may be offered evenings, weekends, or online.
The Early Honors Program (EHP) at APU is a full-time, dual-credit program for high school seniors seeking to get a head start. EHP students engage in actual college-level coursework, have the option to live on campus, and, if successful, will graduate high school as college sophomores. Applicants admitted to the EHP may also be granted automatic full admission to the undergraduate program of their choice* upon the successful completion of the EHP.
The PEOPLE, PLACES, and stories of Alaska are foundations of your sequenced curriculum. Expect to be challenged academically as you develop in-demand skills, including project management, collaborative teamwork in the sciences and liberal arts, and effective communication in various media.
The 175 acres Alaska Pacific University is tucked into the forest, among Anchorage's trail system. It is on the perimeter of an intellectually vibrant section of town, in a state ripe with cultural and geographic diversity. With a remote educational center on a 900-acre private farm, APU is the landing pad for a rigorous educational adventure. Honoring Alaska's Indigenous heritage, exemplifying excellence, and preparing paths.
In addition to merit-based aid, APU proudly offers students the ability to apply for hundreds of donor-funded scholarships with one simple online application. Your home away from home. The Campus Life Office oversees the Housing and Residence Life operations at APU. We strive to make your on-campus living experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We are dedicated to the social and mental well-being of our residents and their physical comfort while living on campus.
The APU dining hall and the McMillen Student Center are continually changing to accommodate our community's interests.Dining Services incorporates sustainable local foods with organic products to offer a variety of healthy and home-cooked options. APU Dining is pleased to offer a weekly 'Farmer's Market' and Ground Theory Café coffee shop. Whether you are in the residence halls or just needing a cup of espresso between classes, the APU Dining staff will be available to help seven days a week.
In every part of campus life, our students take an active role in leading and developing unique programs and opportunities for their peers. We believe that every student has leadership potential, and we are dedicated to helping students develop leadership skills through a wide variety of activities.
APU's Outdoor Programs has what you are looking for to get outside. Whether you want to try something new or an experienced adventurer looking to teach or lead a clinic, we have something for every skill level. Living in Alaska gives you access to some of the best wilderness areas globally, and we want to help you explore it.
MBA certificate program is designed for students who wish to enhance their skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship but do not wish to take all of the courses in business administration that are required for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree. The certificate is awarded to those students who complete the requirements in recognition that they have attained an advanced level of competency in the field of entrepreneurship. Requirements for admission to the Certificate program are the same as those for the degree program.

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