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Belarusian State Economic University


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The Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) is a sophisticated educational establishment, which trains specialists in the field of economics and management, finance and banking, accounting and statistics, commerce, international economic relations, economic policies, business communications techniques, marketing, logistics, economic law, economics and management of tourism, the economics of labor and nature use, advertising activities, and price formations.
BSEU has a well-developed infrastructure of a training and scholarly complex: 11 schools, 59 departments (of which 39 are graduating ones), the Institute of Social-Liberal Education, the Institute of Raising Qualification and Retraining Economic Cadres, the Bobruisk branch, six Centers (those of scholarly research, macroeconomic research, management issues, and consulting services, merchandising research and expert examination, IT development and a publishing one), a library, research labs, divisions and services, a student campus, a sports complex, and a trade complex.
The training process is carried out by highly professional teachers from the Department of Belarusian and Russian languages who have gained significant experience teaching Russian as a foreign language. Classes are held with the use of textbooks and teaching materials specially prepared for international students. The Department has a language laboratory equipped with video systems to show educational and feature films. Students are offered specialized computer classrooms with training and check-up programs for Russian as a foreign language.
As a foreign language, courses of Russian will improve your knowledge of Russian grammar and familiarize you with Russian and Belarusian literature, culture, traditions, and national features of Belarusians. Highly skilled teachers teach the courses with many years of experience working with international students in Belarusian universities and abroad. Many of them are the authors of course books, tutorial guides, and original methodologies for teaching Russian as a foreign language.
During the past years, the Pre-university department has accumulated a wealth of experience in teaching the Russian language to foreigners. This experience is reflected in the textbooks and course materials utilized in the classroom. Russian teachers prepared most of these materials for foreigners. All our teachers are fully qualified and experienced in teaching Russian as a foreign language to allow international students to meet the University's entry requirements.
In-class teaching methods are augmented by various audio-visual aids available to students of the Pre-university department – these include several language labs with an extensive collection of audiotapes and classrooms equipped with video systems for viewing educational and feature films. Individual study rooms are equipped with computers and Russian training and controlling programs.
The Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) was founded 77 years ago in 1933. For its activities back in the Soviet period, it was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. This is one of the largest universities in the country. It trains specialists in the field of economics, management, and law—the graduates of the university work in all the national economy sectors both in the country and abroad. The Belarus State Economic University's student body accounts for 25,000 students, with 1,200 faculty members teaching them, 47 percent have advanced degrees and titles.
The priorities in the organization of teaching are thorough training, a creative approach to mastering knowledge, and the realization of individual abilities. The focus is made on providing of the systemic level of studies, making connections among the subjects taught, establishing interdisciplinary courses, developing independent work skills, implementing active forms of the teaching process, and effective methods of testing.
When the University restarted its activity, only 12 faculty members gave classes for 54 students. The following year, however, there were already 38 staff members and 252 students. The library already had a collection of 6,000 books. In 1945, the Republican Council on Science awarded graduation diplomas to the first 11 students of the pre-war alumnus class of 1941. First post-war graduates received their diplomas on March 2, 1946. This group numbered no more than 71 students, 22 of them fought in the battle-fields of the Great Patriotic War. From 1946 till 1950, 455 students graduated from the University. The leading University's building (7 Sverdlova St.), started functioning on January 3, 1950. Those days, one section of this building served as a dormitory for girls, for there was a continually growing number of students. Today, the University's premises complex comprises eight students' dormitory buildings.
Our graduates are our pride; many of them went on to distinguished careers. An alumnus of the class of 1936, former BSSR Minister of Finance, Prime Minister of the State Planning Board, the deputy-chair of the Board of Ministers of BSSR, F. L. Kokhanov celebrated his 90th birthday on October 9, 2001. Another alumnus, M.G. Tkachev (the class of 1939) became a writer, worked as the Secretary-in-chief for the Writers Union of BSSR and was also the director of the 'Mastatskaja Literatura' publishing house. I.V. Protaschik (the class of 1947) fought as a partisan in World War II, made to Berlin. After the war, he researched the Academy of Sciences' Chemistry Institute in topochemical transformations. He was honored with the title of the 'Inventor Emeritus of the USSR' in 1980. His discoveries in lubricant materials saved the country a great deal of money.

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