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Belarusian State University


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Belarusian State University is a leading scientific, educational, innovation, and cultural center of the Republic of Belarus. Today our University has over 400 international agreements signed with universities and scientific institutes out of more than 50 countries of the world, making the BSU country's leader in this field. It exercises its' potential, which is based on the best domestic and international experience to comply with intellectual, cultural, and social demands and interests of the individual, society, and state and to facilitate the sustainable development of the country.

The University Strategy is based on the creative cooperation of academic staff and students and aimed at:

  • Performing educational, research, and innovation programs.
  • Forming favorable conditions for the development of the intellectual and creative potential of the individual.
  • Cherishing and upholding the best traditions of traditional university education.
  • Securing a fitting place in the world educational area.

The BSU is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Quality of education at the BSU is assured by the Quality Management System which is accredited for compliance with the standards of ISO 9001

The core of the BSU is made of the academic community of teachers, researches, students, and postgraduate students. Today the BSU has about 3000 teaching staff occupying full-time teaching positions within University's significant faculties and institutes. The BSU teaching staff includes 15 academicians of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 16 Corresponding Members of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, 400 Doctors of Science, and 1840 Ph.D. degree holders.

The BSU students' community consists of more than 30,000 undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduate, and postdoctoral students. Full-time students, who successfully pass exams, receive scholarships, and study free of charge. The annual enrollment exceeds 5000 students. BSU is an attractive place of study for many international students. Today more than 2000 international students from 53 countries of the world pursue their education at the BSU.

As a top university in the Belarusian higher education system, BSU is acting as a national center of international cooperation in education and science, focusing on innovations, quality enhancement, and internationalization of university activity. 25-30 international projects within such programs as Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Jean Monnet, EU Cross-Border Cooperation, DAAD, FPB-Belarus, CIMO, and many others are implemented at the University annually. Academic exchanges, joint researches, and joint educational programs are implemented in the framework of more than 250 international agreements with institutions from Europe, Asia, and America.

In 2013 over 30 international educational programs were either implemented or to be implemented by BSU. As of the end of 2013 calls for proposals, 15 new educational projects with BSU engaged have been awarded grants. These figures significantly exceed targets set by the BSU Perspective Development Program for 2011-2015

One more project activity area is the strong involvement of BSU in international projects aimed at student and staff exchanges. Currently, BSU is engaged in 9 projects supporting exchange visits and study abroad for BSU postgraduate and master students, PhDs, and academic staff. Thus, up to date, over 35 European HEIs from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, and Finland are opened for exchange visits funded by International Technical Assistance Donors. Moreover, these projects provide BSU with an opportunity to engage highly qualified

Students in BSU can study – Pre-University (preparatory course), general (higher education, Bachelor's degree) and Post-graduate (Master's degree, Doctoral degree). Each of the University study buildings is equipped with well-furnished classrooms, seminar rooms, and reading lounges. There are 70 computer laboratory and four media classrooms.

Information Resources of the University Network include Web-Server, Web-Servers of the faculties, and units of the BSU and Intranet-Server of BSU.

The BSU Lyceum uses the remote training system for publishing electronic training materials on the Internet. International students who study Russian as a Foreign Language at the Faculty of Pre-University Education can use specially designed electronic software "Study Russian" and distant learning recourses.

In 2015 the Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to the graduate of the Belarusian State University Svetlana Alexievich. Svetlana Alexievich graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of the Belarusian State University in 1972. Her diploma thesis was devoted to Literary Criticism in the "Neman" journal. According to the Swedish Academy press release, the prize has been awarded to the Belarusian writer "for her polyphonic writings, a monument to suffering and courage in our time." Among other notable alumni of the Belarusian State University, there are ministers, prominent scientists, educationalists, and political leaders working in many countries.

The BSU has created the necessary sport and recreation facilities for its students and staff. Training and health-improving complexes, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and sports grounds are available. Over 1300 students attend 24 specialized sports sections regularly. About 50 of them are members of National teams participating in the Olympic Games, World and European Championships.

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