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Belarusian State University of Transport


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Educational Institution, "Belarusian State University of Transport," is accredited by the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus and the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, as a scientific organization. The campus - a structural unit of the University, whose work is aimed at providing housing for those in need of nonresident students, undergraduates, graduate students, university staff, students IPK and travel to the University and the maintenance of discipline, order, and cleanliness in the territory of the hostels.
The age of scientific and technological revolution is increasing the proportion of complex products in all sectors of the economy, requiring experts to continuously improve the level of knowledge that promotes the proper functioning of the country's industrial complex, including transport and its infrastructure. For this purpose, according to the order of the Ministry of Communications (IPU) № 1491 on 12/19/1968, the Faculty training was formed (FPC), the work which led senior teacher Umnov IA, which was the first dean. Under his leadership, FIC develops a strategy of training of specialists in the period of training, involving specialists of not only our University but also the production of experienced personnel.
Next Faculty series was headed by Ph.D., associate professors Mikhailov GI (May 1969 - February 1973), Filimonov AI (February 1973 - January 1981), VV Szydlowski (January 1981 - April 1986), Lugovtsov MN (April 1986 - April 1993).In 1976, the Department was given responsibility for the organization of professional development of teachers and internships in enterprises.
Doctor of Technical Sciences headed next Institute series, Professor Bochkov K. A (March 2001 - June 2004), candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Sukhoparov SI (June 2004 - August 2014).On October 1, 2014, and is currently director of the Institute is Zenkevich AG.
In 1994, based on a joint order of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Education (number 131-P / 208 of July 19, 1994) at the Faculty of Advanced Training Institute was opened on training and retraining of managers and specialists of the transport complex of the Republic of Belarus (PKI). His work was headed by Prof. Shcherbakov SV (April 1993 - March 2001). Institute formed as an accredited institution with the right to exercise training and retraining by the function of technical, economic, and humanitarian profiles full economic calculation.
Every resident is a contract of hiring premises of public housing in the dormitory and made their registration in the district administrations of Homel. Each student who lives in a hostel for the study period is registered in the Department of passport and visa service, the police department of Homel. In hostels, the necessary conditions for living, self-study, and recreation, as well as cultural and educational work.
International recognition of the University is determined by the level of development of international relations in the field of scientific and technical cooperation conclusion of trade transactions the participation of university scientists in international exhibitions, conferences, symposia the publication of articles in international scientific journals participation of foreign scientists conducted at the University of international conferences and symposia.
The University cooperates with several foreign universities, research centers, and organizations that have signed over 40 agreements on scientific and technical cooperation (China, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Sweden, Finland, and Uzbekistan). The contract provides for joint research, exchange of information on scientific and technical developments, the preparation and publication of joint scientific and methodical production, and training.
BelGUT executes international contracts for research projects with China, Ukraine, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, France, Switzerland, and Slovakia.
Employees of the University in 2016 published abroad: 93 articles in collections of scientific papers in scientific journals (the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Great Britain, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan), 36 of them - in Scopus databases, as well as the 75 Theses presentations at conferences abroad (Russia, Ukraine, China). The University issued two international collections of scientific works.
Over the years, it became a tradition to hold the Belarusian State University of Transport International scientific-practical conference (PBMCs): "Perspectives, Problems and directions of development of digital radio for rail transport," "Innovation in the technical-economic systems," "Construction and restoration of artificial structures. " The conference was attended by scientists and experts from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Slovenia. Besides, more than ten years held international Olympiad university students in theoretical mechanics and inter-university educational-methodical seminar of teachers of theoretical mechanics.
The educational establishment "Belarusian State University of Transport" valuation issues, inventory and analysis of the consumption of fuel and energy resources are the responsibility of the energy service, which was created to deal with issues related to valuation, recording, and analysis of the consumption of energy resources (from now on - FER ), planning work for the University for energy efficiency.

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