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Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique Internationale Privée de Sfax.


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"Smart & Digital" are the words that characterize our ESPIN engineering school. While exploring our training programs, you will quickly determine that our vision is to provide outstanding multipurpose training in digital careers. It is an intended training that goes beside the company's needs and is oriented to our graduate's employability. This training makes the pursuit of quality and excellence as its main quest. To implant, the culture of excellence in our students' spirit is a priority, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship. Therefore, we are training future experts in digital jobs and future creative projects and start-ups. The digital incubator start-ups "ESPIN-Off" that we have implemented in collaboration with Sfax's technopark, reveals our commitment.

Vital importance is also devoted to developing "soft skills" that are the crucial supports of entrepreneurship and professional success nowadays. All the resources are set up in order to ensure the success of our students, such as the specialized courses in the newest technology, the talent of experience, the advanced pedagogy, the advanced workrooms and an extensive network of trained partners from several famous international universities and companies working in various digital fields. Join us in ESPIN for preparing the digital future!

The main objective of ESPIN is to provide scientific and technical training with a high added value in digital careers. A vital place is then given to the training, international cooperation, a strong relationship with the firms and research and innovation to enhance the pedagogy and provide the new technologies modern education. This training goes along with a strong involvement in industrial projects and training, which leads students to recognize a specific technical field better and meet the local and international industries' requirements.

This training enables students to master knowledge, skills, and approaches. It concerns various areas, including the basic sciences, modern sciences, information technologies, and management sciences on behalf of the engineer. These lessons are intended for several training objectives, including:

  • The acquisition of a multidisciplinary and specialized scientific proficiency.
  • The development of managerial and interpersonal skills.
  • The knowledge and instruction of industrial practices.
  • The international cooperation and the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship

We offer a high-value training that includes new technology trends, enhanced by advanced workrooms. We have several collaborations with Tunisian and foreign universities offering double degrees, interchange, and international training. We provide experts along with the expectations of the professional needs. We facilitate their integration into the environment through our network of partner companies and our start-up incubator.

The modern digital world is an altering world. To ensure adequate training, ESPIN gives vital importance to being a new and dynamic engineering school. We guarantee a high-valued education supported by teachers and professional experts in their fields that will ensure an adapted training to students.

We are based in the Technological Center of the city, which is equipped with advanced material and human infrastructure in the TICs and hosted other higher education institutions, research centers, a business incubator, and several start-ups.

ESPIN aims to provide useful training in digital careers with the following objectives:

  • Ensure the careers of our graduates.
  • Ensure the adequacy of training with professional needs.
  • Ensure access to an international experience that is leading to a double degree.

ESPIN is supported on some values that wish to have to engender the success of the student as the center of its concerns within the outsider world and its diversity while retaining its engineering school identity-based in the city of Sfax.

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