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Vitebsk State Technological University


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Currently, the University is an educational, research, and production complex that includes seven faculties, a sports complex, a canteen, a student sanatorium, a library, Master’s studies, a post-graduate course, and doctoral studies a regional testing center, and other units. The University is the founder of the republican innovation unitary enterprise «Science and Technology Park of the Vitebsk State Technological University.»
There are 18 departments in the University, 12 of which are graduate ones. Three thousand nine hundred twenty-four students have been engaged in day-time and part-time forms of training. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the University is 244 people, including 15 doctors of sciences, 102 candidates of sciences, 14 professors, 99 associate professors.
Training of highly qualified personnel is carried out at post-graduate school in 8 specialties. Currently, 29 people are studying at post-graduate school, and one person is in doctoral studies. Training of specialists at the Master’s studies department is carried out in 9 specialties (52 people have been enrolled in the full-time department, 17 people - into the part-time department). The University has the Council for the Defense of Candidate research works. Training of specialists with higher education is conducted in 23 specialties of the first stage and nine specialties of the second stage for further distribution to the enterprises of light, textile industry, machine-building, and other branches of the national economy of the Republic of Belarus. To date, about 40 000 specialists with higher education have been trained.
Close cooperation with industrial enterprises has been established. One hundred sixty-five agreements on interaction with organizations-customers of personnel up to 2020-2025 have been concluded. The University is a reliable partner of the concern «Bellegprom» in training specialists and performing scientific research.
The University is doing much work on computerization of the educational process and scientific research. The Center for Information Technologies provides the faculties, departments, and other structural divisions of the University with information facilities. Internet resources, 21 computer classes, and modern computer systems are used for the educational process and scientific research.
The editorial and publishing department operates at the University. In the year 2016, it published 1194 accounting and publishing forms of educational and educational literature (over 16 500 copies), two educational aids with the stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus, three manuals with the stamp of the educational and methodological association, five monographs, 36 lectures.
The library occupies one of the leading places in the unified scientific and educational space of the University, providing library and information support for educational and scientific activities, contributing to the spiritual, moral, and cultural development of student youth.
The library comprises over 450,000 copies of scientific and educational literature, periodicals on various fields of knowledge on traditional and electronic media. Every year, the library fund receives more than 15 thousand books and about 200 periodicals. All kinds of publications are available in the library fund.
There is a regional testing center based on the University. In the 2016-2017 school year, 21541 people passed rehearsal testing. In 2017 - 12881 people passed centralized testing.
Today the University has five academic buildings and two dormitories, the material and technical base of which provides the conditions for conducting the educational process and rest of students at the advanced level. The material and technical base of the University is continually developing and strengthening.
Great attention is paid to the strengthening of students’ health at the University. There is a student sanatorium for 75 places equipped with modern medical equipment and is staffed by qualified personnel. In the 2016 year, 876 students became healthier at the sanatorium-preventorium. At the sanatorium-dispensary medical services for employees and university students are paid on a preferential basis.
The University has a canteen with 200 seats, five buffets for 116 seats, a shop - cookery. In the dining room, a diet is organized for those who are well-healed in a sanatorium-preventorium.VSTU has agreements on cooperation in the field of VSTU students training under the programs of the Varna University of Management (Bulgaria), a cooperation agreement with the Pskov State University (Russia), and an agreement on cooperation in the field of education under the cooperative education program with the Higher School of Finance and Management in Bialystok (Poland). The terms of these contracts provide for the possibility of joint training of specialists, bachelors, and masters with the issuance of two diplomas.
The world level of several scientific research works conducted by the University scientists is confirmed by publications in journals with a high impact factor included in the SCOPUS and RINC databases.
The University implements the Comprehensive Program «Student of VSTU» for 2016-2020, the subprogram «Hostel,» «Legal culture and prevention of illegal behavior of students,» «Formation of a healthy lifestyle and prevention of negative phenomena in the student environment,» the national preventive project «My style of life today is my health and success tomorrow!»
The University has a robust system of informing teachers, employees, and students. The topic of single days of information is approved at the Council of the University. The regular reception of citizens on personal issues by the Rector, pro-rectors, heads of structural divisions are organized. The possibility of an operative address to the leadership of the University by students is also provided. There is a direct telephone line, a hotline, a student hotline telephone number. Individual boxes for questions and suggestions are placed in academic buildings.
University students participate actively in the third working semester. Student building team «Berkut» named after General G.M. Batalov successfully worked at the All-Belarusian youth construction of the nuclear power plant in Ostrovets and was recognized the best at the nuclear power plant in the Vitebsk region. The commander of the student building team «Berkut» M. Komarov was awarded the gratitude from the Vitebsk regional executive committee.
Great attention is paid to gifted and talented youth in the University. The database of gifted students and University graduates is updated continuously. Three students of the University are scholars of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus, and five students were awarded F. Scoring scholarship, four - a scholarship of the trade union organization of students, and 75 - a scholarship of the university council.
The University has a museum and exhibition complex, the exposition halls that familiarize visitors with the achievements of teachers, employees, and students in professional, scientific, educational, sports, and creative spheres. Excursion work aimed at forming the image of the University, respect for the traditions and history of the University, on the general cultural education of student youth is actively conducted.
The University has all the conditions for the development of the creative abilities of students. The amateur performances teams of the University are permanent winners of various competitions and festivals at the city, regional, national, and international levels.
The University has a modern material base for physical culture and sports, and mass work and training of high-level athletes, including a sports complex with two sports halls, two swimming pools, a rehabilitation center, a gym, three gyms in academic buildings, a stadium with a standard walkway. In the hostel № 3, there are equipped halls for table tennis, arm-wrestling, and kettlebell lifting. The material and technical base for practicing physical culture and sports are regularly updated and expanded. The university's sports complex is visited not only by students and employees of the University but also by residents of the city of Vitebsk.
Today the staff of the University keeps pace with the times, continually improving educational and scientific activity, developing and strengthening the material base for the training of highly qualified specialists.
The University will continue to work steadily, multiplying, and developing glorious traditions.

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