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The Healthcare Sciences' University Institute is a private institution of higher education integrated into the National University System. It was founded by the Héctor Alejandro Barceló Foundation, a non-for-profit organization holding legal status and being duly enrolled in the local Social Welfare Organizations' Registry.
At the International Relations Office, we seek to promote our graduate and postgraduate courses' internationalization, offering our students the possibility to spend a semester studying abroad. We believe that the Student Exchange Program is one of the most exciting opportunities we can give to our students. In the globalized world, we live in an integral and international education that we propose to offer through this program.
Fundación Barceló fosters to generate intense and dynamic interexchange of international students because it believes that both the university that sends students abroad and the university that receives international students benefit from these types of programs. The presence of international students enriches the classes with their experiences and opinions. In contrast, the experience that the students can gain abroad will later give them a different perspective of the world when they return home. The overseas experience is an investment in the future.
Students participating in these programs will have a broader knowledge of the world by having the opportunity to get to know a new culture and a new language, among other things. This will help them develop their cultural adjustment, maturity, and independence. Semester abroad Program for Barceló Students: The semester abroad program is specially designed for Psychology, Nutrition, and Surgical Instrumentation students of Fundación Barceló. Students can spend up to two semesters abroad in any of our partner universities. Semester at Fundación Barceló for International Students: This program is prepared for those students enrolled in any of our partner universities and willing to spend a semester at our Institution. This program allows students access to all the courses we offer for six months.
The exchange program for the Clinical Rotation Term is aimed for the medical students that are enrolled in their last year at our School of Medicine or at any of our partner universities. This particular program provides an exciting opportunity for medical students to complete a clinical rotation in a foreign country. For two months, students will be living with physicians, nurses, and patients from other countries, which will allow them to be in contact with a different social reality and language. Everything the student can experience and learn in the Hospital or Health Care Center will be rewarding.
The Héctor Alejandro Barceló Foundation was granted legal status by the Superintendence of Corporations' Resolution nº 341 dated March 27th, 1991, where the development of higher education, science, research and the promotion of healthcare around the community were laid down as the foundation's primary goals. Later, upon issuance of the Department of Culture and Education's Resolution 1247/92 dated June 26th, 1992, the Healthcare Sciences University Institute came into operation in Buenos Aires. Next, having complied with the requirements provided on the Higher Education Act nº 24521 and with the quality standards set forth by the National Commission of University Assessment and Accreditation (COMEAU – Comisión Nacional de Evaluacion y Acreditación Universitaria), our foundation became officially acknowledged by the Executive Branch's order nº 977 dated July 25th, 2007.
The Barceló Foundation is exclusively devoted to the teaching of Healthcare Sciences. It relies upon a faculty made up of members who are deeply committed to the current healthcare education paradigms and specially trained to serve as actual social change agents. Our Institution offers both undergraduate and graduate programs approved by the Department of Culture and Education and accredited by the National Committee of University Assessment and Accreditation (COMEAU). At the same time, it additionally runs ongoing professional training courses and special programs intended to encourage continuous professional training. The development of education at a regional level stands as one of the core porpuses of the Barceló foundation's vision, which eventually led us to the creation and comprehensive management of a network of highly qualified healthcare training centers, seated in the cities of Buenos Aires, La Rioja (located in the northwestern region of Argentina), and Santo Tomé (located in the northeastern region of Argentina). Based on this network scheme, the Barceló Foundation runs a "healthcare science training system" that encompasses three centers situated in substantially different territories in terms of their health, social, environmental, and cultural sceneries.
The Barceló Foundation is a higher education institution whose core purpose lies on seeking, endorsing and contributing to the growth and development of Biomedical Sciences in Argentina based on sustained linkage to international training schemes and of the quest for improved research, technology transfer and technical assistance, and the encouragement of any innovation tending to secure national and regional social welfare.
Aimed to accomplish the purpose mentioned above, the Barceló foundation entrusts its professionals' education to a faculty composed of members holding outstanding human, scientific and technical qualifications, who teach both undergraduate and graduate courses. At the same time, they also engage themselves in scientific activities performed at dedicated units and laboratories. Given that, in our view, knowledge building can only be attained if underpinned by research, the Barceló Foundation provides scientific projects endowment, as well as boosts research team building, engages in journal publication activities, and arranges awards schemes intended to reward excellence in the field of research.

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