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Central School of Marseille


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Our long-established and robust identity is founded on a combination of elements. Through its structure and its name, the Ecole Centrale de Marseille is linked to France’s other Engineering Schools, the Écoles Centrales. Its students are recruited through the same application process, and its teaching program and international relationships reflect those of the Écoles Centrales of Lille, Lyon, Nantes, and Paris. It develops and promotes the same idea of what makes an engineer.
However, our École Centrale should also be seen retrospectively in terms of its deep-rooted history. Its present situation is the source of many significant characteristics. Finally, it should be measured against its future. By giving priority to issues such as sustainable development and digital technologies, Centrale Marseille’s development is based on strong values and a clear vision of its objectives, which result in a deliberate and ambitious strategy for all its activities.
Most of Centrale Marseille’s buildings are located at the Château-Gombert Technopole, a buzzing campus of several higher education institutions, a research center, and many businesses at the foot of the Massif de l'Étoile.
Easily accessible from the center of Marseilles by public transport (metro & bus) and Marseilles’ Saint-Charles Railway Station, Centrale Marseille sits at the heart of a dynamic and ever-changing environment.
With buildings and facilities custom-built for university teaching and research, Centrale Marseille strongly encourages its students to become involved in extracurricular activities in the community and hosts many public events each year.
Student accommodation is available in several residential halls close to the École Centrale Marseille buildings.
While most of its campus is located at the Château-Gombert Technopole at the foot of the Massif de l'Étoile, Centrale Marseille has other buildings on the University campus at Saint Jérôme. The Centrale Marseille campus currently covers 5.7 hectares, but plans will add another 4 hectares. The new facilities planned for the coming years are a new amphitheater, a gymnasium, student residences, plaza area, and renovation of existing buildings.
Centrale Marseille benefits from an exceptional research environment in its areas of competence: chemistry, physics, mechanics, and modelization. Its laboratories, which are linked to CNRS, are known for their high-quality scientific research in France and abroad.
The Master program proposes around eleven fields and forty specializations, reflecting its significant lines of research and the changing needs of its academic and industrial partners.
In collaboration with CNRS and Aix-Marseille Université, Centrale Marseille has established seven research groups in which most of its lecturers focus their research. Centrale Marseille’s laboratories contribute to Aix-Marseille Université’s scientific profile and its valorization in business and industry.
Ecole Centrale de Marseille is a graduate engineering school, member of the Ecoles Centrales Group (CentraleSupélec, Centrale Lyon, Centrale Lille, Centrale Nantes). The school develops close ties with many companies, several leading research laboratories and regional competitive clusters (aeronautics and risks management, energy, photonics), and has established many international partnerships.
Its original purpose is to train generalist engineers who are versatile and ethical. The school also offers Master and Doctorate programs. The school fosters internationalization, entrepreneurship, innovation, and social openness.

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