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Founded in Nantes in 1900, Audencia – from the Latin audience, meaning “listening,” and audacia, meaning “daring” – was first accredited by EQUIS in 1998 and is ranked amongst the top European business schools. Learn more about Audencia’s quality.
In 2004, Audencia joined the UN initiative uniting companies, the business world, and civil society around ten universal principles for labor and environmental standards and human rights. We were the first business school in France to join the Global Compact.
Since then, we have been developing and disseminating our expertise in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and integrating it into our research, teaching, and internal management.
In 2013, the École Centrale de Nantes, Audencia, and the Nantes École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture (ensa Nantes) formed a strategic alliance for greater synergy. This alliance unites engineering, management, architecture, and creativity to enrich the teaching, research, corporate relations, and international scope of all three schools.
In 2017, Audencia change status from an association to a consular institution of higher education. Audencia, which is backed by the Nantes-St Nazaire Chamber of Commerce, thus expands its managerial and decision-making autonomy in order to address the challenges of its development better.
In 2010, Audencia incorporated the strengths of SciencesCom (a media and communication school founded in 1984) and the École Atlantique de Commerce (for post-baccalaureate education, set up in 1981). Both are accredited programs ranked amongst the best in their specialist area.
Audencia can, therefore, now offer management and communication programs from bachelor to doctoral level. We have also developed executive courses, available in France as well as internationally, which provide educational solutions to meet the strategic challenges and operational objectives of businesses.
Audencia currently has four campuses in Nantes, a campus in Paris, and a Cooperative Center for Studies in Beijing.
Audencia Business School is Consular Institution of Higher Education (CIHE) - a legal status equivalent to a Public Limited Company in the UK. This CIHE is backed by the Chamber of Commerce of Nantes Saint-Nazaire.
Nantes is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in France. It is located less than an hour from the Atlantic coast and two hours from Paris.
The capital of western France, Nantes is located in the Loire Valley – also known as the “Garden of France” – with many beautiful vineyards and fruit orchards lining the banks of the Loire River. Nantes is a leader in sustainable development and was recognized as the European Green Capital 2013 by the European Commission. Learn more about Nantes.
We have four campuses in Nantes: Atlantic campus, City Campus Nantes, SciencesCom Campus Nantes and ExecEd Campus Nantes.
Audencia Business School is amongst the 1% of business schools holding all top international academic accreditations – EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA. We are known globally for education and research in the fields of business and management.
Audencia is one of France’s elite Grande École higher education institutions, with campuses in Nantes, Paris, and Beijing.
One of the first schools established jointly in China by a French business school and a Chinese university, Shenzhen Audencia Business School (SABS), brings together leading minds in international business and management. As an Audencia campus in Shenzhen, China, supported by Shenzhen University, SABS is run collaboratively by its two founding institutions.
SABS is a gathering place for select postgraduate students, accomplished professionals, experienced executives, and internationally renowned professors, researchers, and industry experts. These leaders gather in China’s Silicon Valley, which is a global leader in high-tech development, financial services, foreign trade, shipping, and creative and cultural industries.

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