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Salzburg University of Education Stefan Zweig


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The Salzburg University of Teacher Education sees itself as an educational institution for people who want to work in pedagogical occupational fields - especially in teaching professions - and want to qualify themselves for the professional requirements further professionally.
The Salzburg University of Education works based on a holistic view of man. Through performance demands, promotion, and reflection of doing, the whole person should be able to develop their thinking, feeling, willing, and acting. Skills, skills, maturity, and independence should be trained in a climate of mutual awareness.
To implement these and new goals and further develop existing ones, PH Salzburg's organization tries to provide structural help.
With the organization's plan of the PH Salzburg, the teacher training college's internal organization was determined. It is based on the provisions of the Higher Education Act (HG) 2005 § 29.
The University Council may, at the request of the Chairperson or a member, consult information sources and experts on individual items of his advice. Counselors and experts are bound to secrecy. They are to be instructed accordingly by the Chairperson before their first appointment. The Rectorate, the Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Working Group, the Chairperson of the Study Commission and the Chairperson of the Student Representation, have the right to to be heard in the meetings of the University Council on items relating to their remit. Paragraph 2 applies mutatis mutandis.
The decision-making of the University Council takes place in meetings or following it. §§ 14ff. The chairman has to lead the process of forming the will and to determine its result. The Chairperson may mandate members with their consent to prepare the content of deliberations on specific items.
The first session of the University Council shall be convened and chaired by the University Council's oldest member. At the constituent meeting, the election of the Chairperson will be conducted. After taking the election, the elected Chairperson chairs the election and carries out the deputy chairperson's election.
The quality management team of the Salzburg University of Teacher Education Stefan Zweig is assigned to the Rectorate as Rectorate Assistant. Essential tasks are the consultation and support of the university management in the planning and implementation of quality assurance measures of administrative processes, the evaluation of teaching and research, and the further development of the entire university quality system.
The Equal Opportunities Working Group has the task of counteracting discrimination based on gender, ethnicity, religion or belief, age, or sexual orientation at the College of Education. He supports the College of Education's organs in the implementation of their legal mandate for gender equality. He is a contact point for cases of (sexual) harassment and bullying. Following the Higher Education Act and the women's promotion plans of the Federal Ministry of Education and Women as well as the Salzburg University of Teacher Education, the working group acts independently and without instructions. It must be consulted on all personnel policy issues.
The Equal Opportunities Working Group is the contact point for staff, students, and applicants for admission to the College of Teacher Education.
If you feel discriminated against or harassed in any of the above areas, please contact us. Your concerns will be treated confidentially.
The Staff Committee is appointed per the provisions of the Federal Staff Representation Act, the professional, economic, social, cultural, and health interests of staff to protect and promote. In these duties, it must defend and comply with the laws, regulations, contracts, regulations, decrees, and dispositions applicable to its employees.

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