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Whitehouse Institute of Design Australia


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Whitehouse is an internationally recognized school, providing design education in fashion, interiors, and creative direction & styling. We are known for our rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, experimental learning opportunities, academic, and industry partnerships, and commitment to nurturing innovation and entrepreneurship.
While the premier mission of Whitehouse is to prepare our students for professional excellence in creativity and design, our broader ethos is to foster creativity, inspire leadership, impart a global perspective, and instill values of inclusiveness, community engagement, and sustainability in students.
Whitehouse strives to guide students towards developing innovative design and strategic business solutions that upend the status quo, create personal and professional opportunities, and have a lasting and sustainable global impact. Whitehouse Graduates are talented, dedicated, and educated. Ask to browse through our Graduate Portfolio and CVs to find your next employee. With skills across Fashion Design, Illustration, Pattern-making, Construction, Graphic Design, Fashion, Event, Interior and Food Styling, Photography, Creative Direction, Marketing, and Interior Design, we could have the Graduate for you.
The Whitehouse Bachelor of Design prepares graduates for employment while teaching our students about business, the bottom line, and industry relevance. With very close connections to industry and cultural resources, Whitehouse's approach is always forward-thinking and ambitious. Students undertake a trimester model of study, achieving a Bachelor of Design in just two years, allowing students to launch their careers in the design industry one year earlier than most university graduates. Students can further their qualifications by undertaking a Master of Design in 12 months. Master of Design students is innovative thinkers who can introduce bold and experimental designs to today's global industry with Whitehouse professionals' support.
Led by a faculty of pre-dominantly industry professionals, Students develop a conceptual and practical foundation to their practice and a relevant industry perspective, and a pre-established network. Whitehouse teachers bring experience from Givenchy, Kenzo, Carven, Vivienne Westwood, ELLE UK, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Jonathan Saunders, and Comme des Garcons.
Whitehouse is part of a worldwide creative community. We open our doors and share our work with thinkers and doers worldwide to challenge current thinking in the design industry and expand the practice. Our students and graduates have access to exclusive national and international industry opportunities and regular in-house guest lectures and competitions.

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