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The M.E.S. Indian School has carved a niche for itself in the academic, cultural, literary, sports, and games domain among the C.B.S.E. affiliated schools not only in the Gulf but also at the national level. We are the first in Qatar to introduce e-learning for all classes.

The M.E.S. Indian school of Doha, established in 1974, is an English Medium School owned and run by the Middleast Educational Services, Qatar. The School, recognized by the Ministry of Education, State of Qatar and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi, is one of the premier educational institutions in the Gulf. The school has attained unparalleled status and stability in Doha, with its campus.

The school has a highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty. The staff comprises 301 teaching and 184 non–teaching members, who not only fulfill the academic needs of the students but also take care of the holistic development of their personalities.

The school’s Faculty Improvement Programme enables teachers to keep themselves abreast of the new developments in educational technology. They periodically attend workshops/seminars and conferences organized by NCERT, C.B.S.E. Gulf Council, and local educational agencies. The healthy and congenial environment of the campus provides spacious classrooms, playgrounds, and well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Home Science laboratories, and Engineering Graphics workshop for the students. All this aims at supplementing the academic progress and all-around development of the students by giving importance to both curricular and co-curricular activities. To instill spiritual values in the students, teachers specially trained in Qur’an and Islamic studies hold classes for Muslim boys and girls throughout the year including summer and winter vacations.

Special coaching is given in Music, Dance, Karate, Athletics, Swimming, Basketball, Table Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Hockey, etc. in the afternoons by experts in their respective fields. Students’ Guidance and Counseling Cell functions to help students in selecting their careers and solving academic problems. The Welfare Clinic takes care of the health and hygiene of students. Students find opportunities for the full and free expression of their talents in the various literary, cultural, sports, and games activities organized in and outside the school campus at the Inter-House, Inter-School, National, and International Levels.

The students take an active part in national and international competitions such as Talent Search, Olympiads in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science conducted by the Council of CBSE affiliated schools in the Gulf, debates, symposiums, elocution, and other activities like painting, quiz, etc. and bring laurels to the school. They also bring credit and honor for themselves and to the school in the inter-school competitions conducted in Doha. MES has always been a worthy model for other educational institutions in Doha.

Our Vision is to provide students a safe, disciplined, and productive environment and to impart high-quality education through continuous improvement on educational values and moral standards. Our Mission is:

  • To advance, communicate and sustain knowledge through the conduct of teaching at the highest international level.
  • To have continuous commitment to excel in providing educational services for a positive and progressive input to mainly the Indian and Asian communities.
  • To provide excellent teaching faculty who can motivate and groom youngsters to pursue their dreams with their knowledge and skills and to enable them to face future challenges with confidence.
  • To provide outstanding educational and co-curricular facilities meeting international standards and other applicable regulatory requirements.

We, the members of the MES family ardently believe that education can transform the lives of youth and enable them to imbibe life-enriching moral values and positivity. The institution, which is engaged devotedly in addressing various educational needs accosting the expatriate community of the Indian diaspora, endeavors earnestly to empower its students with the required knowledge, skill, and wisdom in their formative years. Steadfastness and ingenuity are the two essential requirements of being disciplined, which will take young learners a long way in leading a meaningful life. Students of MES Indian School with the expertise of experienced teaching faculty are inculcated the vital qualities of becoming successful citizens of tomorrow. Envisaging the pressing need to equip students with required skills, MES channelizes and influences students’ aspirations and abilities to the right destinations, and thus prepares them for a life built on character. Accordingly, the curriculum, resources, infrastructure, teaching methodology, and evaluation techniques of the school are constantly upgraded par international standards. MES Indian School, with over four decades of yeoman service in the field of education, is striving for the holistic development of its students and inspires them to be just and ethical citizens besides training them to be wise and principled leaders of tomorrow.

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