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New World International School, Al Khobar


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NEW WORLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a fully licensed school under Ministry license number 153/S issued by the Ministry of Education in Riyadh. Our school takes care of the Kindergarten to primary and secondary School needs of young children. We follow the British Curriculum and prepare children for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education- Cambridge (IGCSE).
We take pride in calling ourselves the stable bridge to higher education. We have associate arrangements in place with Kinderville of Montreal, Canada, and regularly upgrade our teaching methods and approach. We are fully accredited by the Advanced in the USA and are officially recognized centers for Cambridge University examinations. We have highly educated & experienced professional staff from various nationalities. We take registrations for Nursery, KG I, KG II, and Grades I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII.
The school is located in Hai Al Onaizi, Al Khobar in an open and friendly environment. Our new & modern building is close to the main road connecting Sports City and Dammam Khobar Highway. It has ample car parking and the latest security and fire fighting equipment in all areas.
NWIS building has three separate sections and entrances for boys, girls & Kindergarten. All sections have their play areas. We have modern and technologically up-to-date computer labs, Science Labs, Libraries, and Audio Visual rooms. All classrooms are equipped with the latest smart boards and projectors. School also has adequate canteen facilities. All three sections have professional nurses to provide minor medical care. We encourage our teachers to train for First Aid and CPR. We have a large school Auditorium (700 Square Meters) with a capacity to accommodate 500 people.
We maintain regular interaction with the parents through emails, SMS, and a dedicated and secure Parent portal on our website. This portal provided all necessary information on your child regarding fees, marks, homework, dedicated school notices, and attendance. Regular Parent-teacher meetings are also arranged to meet and discuss the child’s development and related activities.
Parents are also more than welcome to visit us in the school with prior arrangements.
Teaching Children is a commitment and responsibility. All children deserve respect and require to be loved. We believe that education is a combination of various aspects of life in which both teachers and parents are equal contributors to a child’s overall development. At New World, we ensure that we guide them during these early and crucial formative years. We do not look at a school in its narrow sense of the term. For us, school means a lot of things
We aim to provide a secure, happy and stimulating environment so that the children can grow up as competent and confident learners, healthy in mind, body, and spirit. We offer educational and creative opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. We encourage children to develop self-discipline and good behavior. We believe that parents and teachers are partners in enriching the children's minds and encourage parents to monitor the school activities and reinforce instructions at home.
We believe that children should be exposed to the latest technology early in their lives. It is important for them not only to be fully conversant with the technology but also to be aware of the changes which keep on happening regularly. We have provided. computer labs with the latest networked computers, laptops, Pads, smart boards, and audiovisual equipment. We have installed regular Windows-based computer programs for word processing, spreadsheets, email, and of course games. Children are encouraged to use and familiarize themselves with the facility under the guidance of trained professionals.
We also inculcate team spirit by encouraging sports activities for all age groups. They are provided with facilities and coaches to train and to compete in the local event. For our younger children, we provide a range of activities to balance large and small muscle activities to flex and gradually develop physical skills. Specifically tailored sports events are arranged for the kindergarten.

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