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Lakeside School Horgen


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"The purpose of the foundation is the establishment and operation of private kindergarten and primary schools in the Canton of Zurich where the teaching is bilingual German-English. The foundation aims to cultivate, through educational and school measures, tolerance and understanding of foreign languages and other cultures in children."
Important for the children! A school where children stand in the center.
A school that perceives you as you are gives you a positive feeling of self-confidence and trust in yourself while making learning a worthwhile experience. You share the day school’s small world with both young and old children: when eating, on the playground, at assemblies, and on many cross-class projects and school festivals. The teaching and support team are interested in you and share this world with you. Fair rules give us all help and security so that we are mutually respectful, tolerant, and generous with each other. If there are disagreements, we look for solutions together. We are positive we will find one!
A bilingual school that doesn’t stand still and is interested in open communication.
The Lakeside School possesses a clearly defined concept while remaining religiously neutral and is therefore not bound by any particular ideology. Due to this, we have a broad outlook and time to reflect and exchange ideas. Anyone interested in the fascinating model of the school finds an open ear with us. The school management and teaching staff are involved in a constant learning process themselves and are happy to consider the personal viewpoints of parents and children. As a result of their training, expertise, and experience they can competently advise on how best to support the individual child. This commitment of getting to know and fostering each individual is very fulfilling and infectious. Due to the staff’s professionalism, children will increase their skills, knowledge, and social competence. Important for the children: topics are taught that engage and challenge you making you think, research, and contribute your ideas. You and all your senses are challenged and all this in a bilingual environment. This lets you immerse yourself in the languages naturally. A whole world will open up to you.

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