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The Sweden Finnish School in Upplands Väsby is a private school. October. Today the school consists of pre-school, kindergarten, and compulsory school grades 1-9. We also offer morning and afternoon activities in our after-school center. In the school year 2014-15, there are ca. 150 children enrolled in our school. The pre-school is meant for children between the ages of 1-5. It offers child care in Finnish where pre-school pedagogy is built on concepts such as caring, fostering, and learning. The school from grades K to 9 offers bilingual compulsory education by using both Finnish and Swedish as the teaching language. The after-school center offers pupils from grades K to 4 the opportunity to spend their time before and after school in a meaningful way by taking part in various activities which help build social communication skills between other children and adults.
Our mission statement states that our pupils are bicultural, creative, tolerant as well as self-confident and they possess an inquisitive curiosity. The school strengthens pupils’ bilingualism and supports the development of their identities as members of the Sweden Finnish culture in Sweden.
The school guides its pupils towards fluency in Finnish and Swedish and that the pupils become tolerant members of a society filled with many cultures. We encourage our pupils to learn various languages and to become multi-lingual. Classroom teaching aims to stimulate each child to develop to his or her fullest potential and we offer the help and guidance they need to achieve this. The goal of the school is to prepare its pupils for life after mandatory schooling where society goes through constant changes. The school together with its pupils create a peaceful, secure, and organized learning environment which increases the level of learning in classrooms. In the learning process, the pupils and personnel take their responsibilities seriously. They show each other respect and work against all forms of discrimination and offensive action.
How to find Sweden Finnish School in Upplands Väsby The Sweden Finnish school is situated centrally in Upplands Väsby in a suburb called Smedby about a 25-minute drive (28km / 17 miles) north of Stockholm. The school surroundings are prominent with pedestrian walkways and beautiful nature. The school is easily reachable by private and public transportation and lies close to Upplands Väsby city center, library, and sports establishments.

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