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Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong


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At Shrewsbury, you will uncover the unique blend of traditional educational values and innovative teaching methodology that will stand at the heart of our school. Drawing upon over 400 years of experience, we will nurture each child in our care with great diligence as they work through a broad, challenging, and fulfilling curriculum that promotes academic rigor, increasing levels of independence, and high attainment.
We will explore the strengths of each individual within a world-class facility and develop a program of transition that enables them to thrive both within and beyond their school years.
Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong was conceived and built with an ambitious and singular focus: to provide the very best international primary school education in Hong Kong.
Drawing upon almost 500 years of experience, both in the UK and overseas, our commitment to excellence is widely recognized. Selected by the Hong Kong Education Bureau to open in 2018, we provide research-driven educational provision within a world-class, purpose-built facility in Tseung Kwan O.
Our provision is built upon the benefits of individualized provision and collaborative learning. We believe that children have as much to learn from one another as they do from their teachers and have planned to ensure that our students are well nurtured within a broad and representative community of peers.
Our classrooms and curriculum are designed to foster partnership and participation. Learning environments are flexible and neatly organized to promote clear, strategic thinking.
Students will explore the ideas of others while they develop a refined understanding of their strengths through the selection of considerately designed tasks and activities.
The classroom is the canvas our children bring the color.
The design of a purpose-built school facility has enabled the development of a range of function-specific spaces for our students to learn within and be inspired by. Assemblies are held in the auditorium and choral lessons are delivered within the Recital Hall.
This determined focus extends to the care with which we have considered the age-specific needs of our students. Our uncompromising vision continues throughout a facility that has been driven by specific expertise - none of this would be possible through facility refurbishment.
Students and families at Shrewsbury International School Hong Kong are guided through a bespoke planning process designed to ensure that every child secures a place within a senior setting that enables them to thrive.
School staff guides you on the characteristics of the many academic pathways available and the profile of individual schools both within and beyond Hong Kong. Maximizing our growing knowledge of your child will allow us to identify, select and support the appropriate transition to a leading senior school of your choice.
For many parents, a pathway into the independent boarding sector is of particular interest. For many students, our sister school in Shropshire is a likely destination.
Shrewsbury International School offers an inspirational English language education for carefully selected students, caring for them in an organization committed to continuous improvement, and providing outstanding opportunities both in and out of the classroom.
We recruit the finest teachers and staff, providing them with the resources to nurture outstanding students and exemplify the pioneering spirit and traditions of Shrewsbury School. Shrewsbury International School is established around its innovative, ambitious, and dynamic international community.
We endeavor to bring together exceptional students into our community of learning, whether these students are outstanding in the classroom, concert hall, sports field, on stage, or simply in person. The school adopts best practices for its admis­sions, ensuring careful, precise, and fair selectivity at all stages of entry. We are a selective school where ambition, deter­mina­tion, and the pursuit of excellence are carefully nurtured.
We are a caring, thoughtful community of exceptional people, from our talented students and ambitious parents to our hand-picked fully-qualified staff. The Shrewsbury environment is people-centered. We recog­nise achievements of all kinds and continue to develop the professional skills of our primary asset, our staff. Our community engages parents as part of the learning process.
We are a school that is engaged in a process of continual improvement, growth, and renew­al, recognizing the rapid changes required to keep pace with developments in education. Our development plans are dedi­cated to bringing quality staff to a school whilst ensuring, committed invest­ment in infrastructure and facilities. Our purpose-built school is modern, contemporary, and designed to enhance the learning expe­ri­ence of all students.
We offer an impressive range of activities to extend the interests and horizons of every student. Our broad curriculum chal­lenges supports and inspires students within academic, aesthetic, and physical fields. We offer scholarships to exceptional students through a selection process that is rigorous, transparent, and fair.
We are a community of language learners that recognizes that the speaking of English brings our international community to­gether. Shrewsbury students understand that the ability to think, learn, and com­muni­cate in English will allow them to achieve their very highest potential at school, university, and in the world of work.
Shrewsbury understands the pressures on young people in the modern world. Our teachers pride themselves on the care they give to children and the partnership they form with parents to allow children to be happy as well as successful. From com­munity action to unparalleled school selection services, Shrewsbury endeavors to give priority to the highest standards of pastoral care.
Intus si recites one labor — We are a British inter­national school that whilst being con­tem­porary is firmly in the tradition of our sister school in the UK. We share its exemplary standards of achievement, care, and governance and enjoy all the advan­tages of our location. Our learner profile pro­vides a pathway that has served generations of Salopians — as our motto relates, if the heart is right, all will be well.

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