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Sonderborg International School


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Sønderborg International School is a private educational establishment. It is recognized by and subject to Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State. We are registered with the Danish Department for Children and Education, Undervisningsministeriet, as institution nr: 280202.
We are requested to and are proud to prepare the students for Folkeskolens Afgangsprøve in the subject Danish. This ensures a smooth transition to the Danish upper secondary level, Gymnasium. We are affiliated with the University of Cambridge International Examinations as a Cambridge International School and are registered as school nr: DK 093.
We teach the Cambridge Secondary 1 for 11 to 14-year-olds and the Cambridge Secondary 2 for 14 to 16-year-olds. This is an internationally recognized scheme that prepares our students to achieve all that they can. Having completed Cambridge Secondary 1 the students are entered for the Cambridge Checkpoint assessment. Having completed Cambridge Secondary 2 the students are entered for Cambridge IGCSE exams. Having passed these exams, the student’s option for transition to international A-level equivalents including the International Baccalaureate program is secured.
We believe that this combines the best of worlds and is to the benefit of our students’ future options. We are also a member of Danmarks Privatskoleforening and its subsidiary, Danish International Schools’ Network which is the body that supports the Danish International Schools in their strive for excellence through providing professional training and counseling advice. Our students are taught in combined classrooms similar to what is common at smaller schools in the UK. By doing this we have a broader range of student abilities represented in each teaching group for which reason we have a limit of 20 students per teaching group. To address the needs of every student, we employ teaching assistants in many lessons.
“It is our mission in partnership with parents to provide the highest quality education for internationally minded students in an inquiring and supportive environment. We seek to inspire students and to provide them with the academic and social skills that will enable them to fulfill their potential as global citizens.”
A school is a caring place where each student is made to feel valued and respected. Parents and teachers have high expectations and we do our best to ensure that each child achieves his or her potential.
We deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum that is taught in English. We also follow the Danish language curriculum. We offer German and Spanish studies in addition to a broad and balanced curriculum which reflects and corresponds well to educational systems across the world. The curriculum is inspired by the National Curriculum for England and the students’ progress is described by the level descriptions stated therein.
Since the International School came into existence in 2007 it has undergone a radical change. The school started as a department of Privatskolen Als and enjoyed the financial support of global company Danfoss as well as Sønderborg Kommune. Under the brand: The International School of Als, we set sail with just 12 students, but soon this number rose to 24, then 35, then 49. It was evident that the school needed room for expansion and through the committed work carried out by past and present board members and employees, the School separated itself from Privatskolen Als in August 2011 and found a new identity as Sønderborg International School on Grundtvigs Allé.
In summer 2013 we have relocated to Sdr. Landevej 28 in completely refurbished buildings which will allow us to expand and develop our program even further.
We play an important role in the creation of an internationally-minded program of education in our region. Sønderborg now has an international Kindergarten, Børnehaven Løven, an international primary and lower secondary school, the International Baccalaureate A-level college at EUC Syd, and finally the University College Syd.

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