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Fashion Institute of Technology


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One of New York City's premier public institutions, FIT, is an internationally recognized college for design, fashion, art, communications, and business. We are known for our rigorous, unique, and adaptable academic programming, experiential learning opportunities, academic, and industry partnerships, and commitment to research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
While our pedagogical mission is to prepare our students for professional excellence in design and business, our broader ethos is to foster creativity, inspire leadership, impart a global perspective, educate students to embrace inclusiveness, commit to sustainability, and engage with the community. We encourage students, scholars, teachers, and industry colleagues to cross the traditional boundaries of geography and discipline. Together we strive to develop innovative design and strategic business solutions that will upend the status quo, create personal and professional opportunities, and have a lasting and sustainable global impact.
Our courses reflect what's happening every day in corporate offices, showrooms, and studios worldwide. Whether you're just beginning your college education or seeking an advanced degree, our academic programs prepare you for a career in more than 30 fields leading to Associates, Bachelor's, and Master's degrees.
Starting your very first day at FIT, you will be learning about your chosen field. Each program combines the practical and the theoretical, giving you hands-on learning to create a seamless transfer to the professional world. Our faculty members are not only nationally and internationally recognized for contributions in their fields, they're engaging teachers dedicated to their students.
Academic life at FIT includes the liberal arts, study abroad opportunities, FIT in Italy, evening/weekend degree programs, and online courses. So no matter what your aspirations, dreams, and lifestyle, you will be able to tailor FIT to meet your needs.
You're passionate about your commitment to creativity and your big dreams of business success, and we are, too. Our programs: professional and practical. Our faculty: industry insiders and experts. Our liberal arts: relevant and thought-provoking. Our connections: local and global.
Choosing a major is the most crucial decision you'll make when applying to FIT since you'll begin studying what most interests you on day one. Find the program that best fits your talents and dreams. Moreover, when you're thinking about the best match for you, think big. Remember: being a FIT student opens doors to design studios, museums, digital media firms, marketing agencies, and headquarters of top brands. Whichever direction you choose, opportunities will surround you. Prepare to rock a dynamic, rewarding future. If you're committed to making your mark in the art and business of fashion, design, and related industries, we are committed to helping you succeed.
FIT is a great place to learn and a great place to live. Our campus provides students with exciting and rewarding college experience in the heart of New York City. Whether you're living in a residence hall or commuting, you'll find everything you need. There's a whole world at your doorstep waiting to be discovered.
The FIT campus is home to a creative community with diverse interests, talents, and backgrounds. With four residence halls, two fitness centers, an intercollegiate athletics program, more than 60 clubs, and hundreds of on-campus activities, you'll find a wide range of resources for study, exploration, and fun. You'll gain new perspectives and opportunities you never imagined and be immersed in a vibrant urban experience as rich as you want it to be.
FIT prepares students for professional excellence in design and business through rigorous and adaptable academic programs, experiential learning, and innovative partnerships. A premier public institution in New York City, FIT fosters creativity, career focus, and a global perspective and educates its students to embrace inclusiveness, sustainability, and a sense of community.
The FIT will be globally celebrated as the institution where students, scholars, and teachers cross traditional disciplinary boundaries to stimulate innovation, partner with creative industries worldwide, and develop innovative design and business solutions. By focusing on the three primary goals, FIT will become stronger by conscious design and a strategic organization that applies available resources to the most significant effect to achieve its vision.
A central component of FIT's mission, and woven throughout the college's strategic plan, is a commitment to sustainability, diversity, and civility. One of the FIT Strategic Plan's critical goals is to create a purposefully diverse campus—one which, through its students, faculty, and staff—reflects the pluralistic city, nation, and world in which we live.
Through the establishment of various councils, task forces, and committees, President Joyce F. Brown has provided opportunities for members of the FIT community to celebrate and honor cultural diversity, to incorporate sustainability into both operational and curricular activities, and to foster discussion of respectful ways of living and learning in a higher education environment. The groups are charged with providing support for activities and encouraging dialogue throughout the institution.
We are original. We are globally celebrated. We are a proud member of the SUNY family. Our college's mission is in tune with our students, faculty, and partners' needs, talents, and desires. Moreover, our long, storied history is the ballast to our bright, innovative future.
In the 1940s, fashion and apparel industry members faced a dwindling number of qualified people with helping them run and carry on their businesses. The next generation wanted to be doctors and lawyers—not tailors. A group of industry members, led by Mortimer C. Ritter, an educator with interest in programs for young working people, and Max Meyer, a retired menswear manufacturer, set about organizing a school to ensure their vitality businesses.
First, they created the Educational Foundation for Apparel Industries to promote education for the industry. The Foundation then obtained a charter from the New York State Board of Regents to establish a "fashion institute of technology and design." The institute opened in 1944 with 100 students and was located on the High School of Needle Trades' top two floors.
Today, the campus encompasses an entire city block and serves more than 10,000 students. The college offers degrees in diverse subjects, such as Menswear and Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, unique to the college, Fashion Business Management, Visual Presentation, and Exhibition Design, and Toy Design their kind in the country.

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